Top Measuring Piped Flows and Trapezoidal Flumes For Your Operation

In water management systems, there is no more important task than measuring flows. However, when the flows in your operation are mostly contained in pipes, measuring is more difficult than it might be otherwise. Fortunately, when you need to measure piped flows easily and effectively, you have the ability to use trapezoidal flumes.

The unique shape of trapezoidal flumes makes them the perfect solution for measuring piped flow, and can be used in multiple circumstance. Learn more about measuring piped flows with trapezoidal flumes and find out how you can purchase these amazing products for your operation.


The most beneficial aspect of using trapezoidal flumes to measure flow that takes place in pipes is that they can be used in a wide variety of applications. For example, trapezoidal flumes are commonly used to measure municipal sewage, industrial run-off and dam seepage. This versatility means that these flumes are ideal for almost every system imaginable.

In addition, trapezoidal flumes can be installed to measure flows that are below grade, above grade or can be added to a packaged metering manhole for a maximum level of measurement capability. No matter the specific needs of your water management system, trapezoidal flumes fit the bill.

Fitting Your Flume

Now that we’ve discussed the measurement flexibility of trapezoidal flumes, it’s a good idea to learn a little about how they are installed in existing pipe channels. The reasons that trapezoidal flumes are the premier flume choice for piped flow is that they can be easily outfitted with both end adapters and pipe stubs.

End adapters allow trapezoidal flumes to be connected to pipes of varying sizes and pipe stubs act as a sealer, firmly securing your flume to your pipe. What this means, is that your trapezoidal flume will capture all of your piped flow without any risks of leaks. This both gives you peace of mind and ensure consistently accurate measurements.

Wall Attachment

Another advantage of choosing trapezoidal flumes for piped flow is its flexibility. While most operations will use standard end adapters, systems that prefer simplicity will choose staged end adapters. With a staged end adapter, there is no need for a pipe stub, which allows you to attach your flume directly to the manhole wall. Needless to say, this leads to a much simpler and straightforward installation.

Additionally, thanks to their design, trapezoidal flumes can be easily integrated into a packaged metering manhole, allowing your operators easy access to your flow measurement device in a contained environment.

Choose Trapezoidal Flumes for Your Operation

As you can tell, trapezoidal flumes are the perfect choice for water management operations that primarily deal with piped flows. Easy installation, a wide variety of applications, and the guarantee of consistently accurate measurements are just a few of the many reasons that you need trapezoidal flumes for your piped flows. Find the trapezoidal flumes that your operation needs for long term success by browsing the Tracom, FRP catalogue today.

When you work with Tracom, you’ll easily be able to find the water management products that you’ve been looking for. Request a quote from us today and start using trapezoidal flumes in your system.

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