Installation Options for H-Flumes

For water management systems across the country with standard set-ups, a Parshall flume is the typical flow measurement. However, this begs the question: What about operations with difficult or non-standard installation requirements? If your flow is in an elevated pipe, or must take place in cold weather or has any number of special requirements, Parshall flumes may not be the best choice. For difficult installation, you should instead consider an H-flume.

H-flumes are a great choice because they can be used in a wide variety of applications and can be matched to an impressive array of installation needs. Learn more about your installation options for an H-flume and find how you can purchase this versatile tool from a fiberglass manufacturer.


The largest benefit for H-flumes other than their flexible installation options is that they can be used in almost any application imaginable. This is particularly useful if you work in an operation with varying flow types and measuring needs.

For example, H-flumes can be used for both above and below grade applications, can be placed in manholes and can be used at grade, as well. It is for this reason that H-flumes are used in such varying operations as wastewater management and measuring natural flows like spring discharge. If you’re interested in a flow measurement tool that comes with almost unlimited applications, then your perfect choice is an H-flume.

Options for Installation

The primary reason that so many water management operations depend on H-flumes for their measurement needs is that they can be installed in almost any way imaginable. Unlike other flumes which are only suitable for existing channels, H-flumes can be installed virtually anywhere that flow exists.

H-flumes for instance, can be both suspended to measure flow that empties from a pipe into a body of water or can be elevated in order to measure free spilling flow out of pipe. In addition, H-flumes can be installed on a wall, in an enclosure, in an earthen channel or in cold weather areas. Whatever your installation needs, an H-flume can stand up to the challenge.

Other H-Flume Benefits

If you’re still unsure if H-flumes are the right choice for your flow measurement needs, it can be a good idea to learn about a few of the other benefits of this incredible tool.

First, H-flumes are particularly adept at fighting solid waste buildup, which lowers your overall maintenance needs. Second, H-flumes are extremely durable, especially when you have them constructed out of a material like fiberglass. Finally, H-flumes can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, adding to their already impressive versatility. Choosing H-flumes gives you more advantages than almost any other water management tools.

Install H-Flumes in Your Operation

Now that you know how versatile a tool H-flumes are, you’re probably interested in using this tool in your system. Purchase the H-flumes that you need for your water management operation by shopping with Tracom, FRP today.

At Tracom, we produce only the finest fiberglass water management tools, and we can help you choose the H-flumes and other products that your system needs. Contact Tracom today to learn more about our inventory and make sure to ask us about a quote.