Picking the Right Measurement Point in a Parshall Flume

The most important aspect of running a water management system is choosing the correct point to measure your flow. However, although you might not realize it, the correct measurement points can differ depending on the type of flume that you use in your system. If you’re operation is like most across the country, then chances are you employ Parshall flumes, which are some of the most accurate measurement tools that there are.

To get the most mileage out of your Parshall flume, you need to make sure to pick the right measurement point. Here are some tips to help you find the right measuring point so that you can use your Parshall flumes effectively and increase your operational success.

Types of Measurement Points

Measuring points are almost as numerous as flume types themselves, making it difficult for many water management operations to pick the right measurement point for their system. Just a few of the commonly used measurement points for water management systems include upstream from the flume inlet, at the throat or at various points near the converging section.

While it’s possible to have some degree of success at all of these measuring points, a better idea is to match your measuring point to the flume your system uses. Picking the right measurement point means consistently accurate readings that your system depends on for continued success.

Parshall Flume Functionality

The most important thing to understand about a Parshall flume, particularly when it comes to picking the measuring point, is how the flume manages flow. Contrary to other flumes that work to maintain flow at a consistent rate, Parshall flumes actually accept slower flows and then speed them up to optimal rates. However, because the flow can speed up so suddenly, it can make it hard to take accurate readings if you’ve picked the wrong measurement point.

Now that you know about the basics of how a Parshall flume operates, it’s time to move on to locating the measurement point that offers you the most accurate reading.

Picking the Right Point

The point in the flume where your flow will be at its optimal rate is where it enters the throat, making this your perfect measuring point. However, this still leaves the question of whether you should measure directly at the float or along the side wall. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this crucial factor.

Ideally, you will measure from the back of the throat at a length that is two-thirds of the converging wall. If you measure upstream from this point, your flow rate will appear higher than it actually is, and if you measure downstream it will appear lower.

With the right measurement point picked out, you can now rest assured that your system’s reading will be as accurate as possible.

Get Fiberglass Parshall Flumes Today

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