Get Big Benefits with Trapezoidal Flumes

Water management systems are some of the most vital, complicated operations that there are and, like any important operation, managing a water management system requires having the right tools for the job. Although there are several excellent water management tools that you can choose from, the one with the biggest advantages is a trapezoidal flume.

Trapezoidal flumes provide for versatile, simple flow management, making them one of the most useful tools for water management systems across the country. Here are few of the biggest advantages of choosing trapezoidal flumes for your water management operation and advice for purchasing this quality product.

Easy Cleaning

Your water system’s operators have many important tasks to handle, meaning that they can’t afford to take time away from their regular duties for flume cleaning and maintenance. Unlike other flumes that you could choose, trapezoidal flumes are extremely low maintenance due to their self-cleaning ability.

For example, trapezoidal flumes have a flat bottom, which means that dirt and other solid debris cannot accumulate. In addition, the unique shape of a trapezoidal flume allows the easy passage of solid waste with increased flow. Choosing trapezoidal flumes for your water management system means making flume maintenance a thing of the past, preventing flow disruptions and increasing the overall success of your operation.

Quick Installation

If your water management system includes natural occurring channels, then trapezoidal flumes are the best choice that there is for managing flow. Natural channels, such as streams, acquire a unique shape due to long-term water erosion, making traditional flume shapes unsuitable for installation. Trapezoidal flumes, on the other hand, are specifically designed for natural channels, providing you with a quick and affordable flume installation.

However, even though they can be retrofitted into natural channels, trapezoidal flumes are perfect for almost any water management application, and can generally be installed in a very short amount of time. For installation flexibility across numerous applications, there is almost no better option than a trapezoidal flume.

Flow Versatility

In contrast to other flumes which are only suitable for consistent flow rates, trapezoidal flumes are capable of handling almost every flow rate imaginable, including energetic surge flows. In addition, measurements taken from trapezoidal flumes maintain the same level of accuracy no matter the flow rate. When you want to make sure you can manage different flow rates while taking consistent readings, trapezoidal flumes are the tool that fits the bill.

Purchase Trapezoidal Flumes for Your Operation

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to water management tools, but as we have seen, one of the most useful, flexible and affordable tools on the market is the trapezoidal flume. To make sure your water operation has the level of success you need and deserve, purchase trapezoidal flumes and other water management tools from Tracom, FRP.

At Tracom, we specialize in providing top of the line fiberglass water management products, and we can outfit your operation with the tools that you need. Request a quote today and let us help put you on the path to success.