Why Are Parshall Flumes So Popular?

parshall flume

If you know anything about measuring open channel flow, then you’re probably aware that the most popular device for this task is the Parshall flume. The Parshall flume is one of the most widely used flow management devices in the entire world, benefitting operations both large and small.

While you might have some basic knowledge of this flume style, you might also be wondering why exactly is the Parshall flume so popular? Learning a little more about this versatile flume should show you why it’s the go-to option for open channel flow measurement. Check out a few of the biggest Parshall flume benefits that make this one of the most popular flow management devices in the world.

Fits into Multiple Channels

Countless reasons exist as to why so many open channel flow operations choose Parshall flume. The most common motivation, however, is that Parshall flumes can be quickly and easily integrated into existing channels in a variety of applications.

For instance, most Parshall flumes can be easily installed in an irrigation channel, and they can also be integrated into channels in water treatment plants with little difficulty. Typically, only the sidewalls of the flume will be adjusted, so they are able to capture the flow effectively. Simple installation is one of most enticing Parshall flume benefits that make it a common choice for water management operations.

Make Your Operator’s Life Easy

Efficiency is the key when it comes to open channel flow measurement. In particular, it’s important that operators are easily able to access the flow management device and take required readings. Ease of operation is another reason that so many open channel flow businesses prefer the Parshall flume.

Because it is used in so many systems, most open channel flow operators are already familiar with the Parshall flume, meaning they won’t need any advanced training before using this device. After installing a Parshall flume in your system, your operators should be able to take flow measurements almost immediately.

Flume Customization

Open channel flow operations’ needs will vary in terms of their flow management devices, meaning they may need to customize their Parshall flume so that it fits into their system. The Parshall flume, in addition to its other great qualities, is one of the most customizable flumes in the world, which is why it’s such a popular choice.

For example, there are a variety of accessories that can be added to a Parshall flume, including flow meters and pipe connectors. Open channel flow operations can customize their Parshall flume however they see fit, guaranteeing the device will meet their exact needs.

Install a Parshall Flume

While there are many styles of flumes that open channel flow operations can choose, there is no more popular choice than the Parshall flume. Now that you know why this flume is so popular, you should take advantage of the many Parshall flume benefits by shopping with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom is your top resource for open channel flow management products, including the world-class Parshall flume. Whatever your flow management needs, we can help. Contact a representative today to get help choosing the right device for you.

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