Weir Boxes vs Other Flow Management Devices

If you’ve been looking for a flow management device for your operation, there are countless options you could select. However, if you want one of the most versatile tools on the market, you should consider investing in a weir box. Unlike other devices, such as the Parshall flume, few people are familiar with weir boxes or why they are such useful tools.

Before you pick your primary flow management device, you should get a few facts about weir boxes so that you can make the best decision possible. Find out what makes weir boxes different from other flow management devices and learn why you should choose this versatile tool for your system.

Easy Flow Conditioning

Turbulent flow can be a big problem in a flow management operation. The more turbulent the flow, the harder it will be for your operators to take correct measurements. Fortunately, if you choose a weir box as your primary device, you’ll easily be able to overcome this common issue.

Weir boxes can easily be equipped with an underflow baffle, which can remove turbulence so that the velocity of the flow entering your weir pool is uniform. By allowing you to easily remove turbulence from your flow, weir boxes can improve the accuracy of your readings

Customizable Weir Plates

Another reason that weir boxes make such a great choice for a primary flow management device is that there are customizable options for your weir plate, meaning you can make sure your weir box functions in the exact way that you need.

Firstly, your weir plate can be mounted in your box wherever you see fit. If you’re looking to achieve free-spilling discharge, for instance, your weir plate can be mounted at the end of the box. Second, you can choose a variety of notch styles for your weir plate, including V-shaped. With a little forethought, you can have a weir box constructed that fits your exact specifications.

Piping Flow into Your Weir Box

When you choose to install a weir box in your system, another benefit you’ll receive is the ability to decide how flow will enter and exit your weir box. In most cases, people will choose to have flow enter and exit their weir box via a pipe. However, depending on the needs of your operation, you can also allow flow to spill freely into and out of your weir box.

Giving you the option of controlling how flow enters and exits your primary device is one of the most enticing reasons to install a weir box in your system.

Help Choosing a Weir Box

Weir boxes are some of the most interesting flow management devices on the market today, allowing you to more easily control the flow in your system and providing a variety of customizations that you might not be able to access with other devices. If you’re interested in installing a weir box in your operations, then you need help from the team at Tracom, FRP.

Our fiberglass weir boxes are some of the best around, and our team would love to help you pick out the right device for your system. Request a weir box quote from Tracom today.

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