Parshall Flume Advantages

Flumes are among the most common methods of open channel flow measurement, and Parshall flumes are the most popular type. Thanks to the numerous advantages they offer, it’s easy to see why so many won’t settle for anything less than the best. Learn about the six most important Parshall flume advantages you can enjoy.

Channel Compatibility

One of the most common applications for flumes is measuring flow from irrigation or treatment plant channels. These channels tend to have a standard shape integrated among them all, and Parshall flumes happen to be a perfect fit. This makes installation easy and prevents flow leakage anywhere that could allow liquid to bypass the flume.


The sheer popularity of the Parshall flume is an advantage of its own. While it may seem like it wouldn’t make a difference at first, having the Parshall design makes it easier when it comes to maintenance and installation. This is because the operators who would be installing or performing maintenance on your flume will already be intimately familiar with the Parshall design, which adds an entirely new level of convenience because you can enjoy easy-to-find, quality help.


The Parshall flume’s popularity is nothing new. This flume has been one of the best options available for nearly a century. This lengthy history has allowed for the performance of extensive research on the Parshall design and various applications of it. You’ll find already-established corrections for submergence and settling to a far greater extent than other flume types.

Downstream Submergence Resistance

Established corrections may be available to account for submergence, but Parshall flumes don’t have to deal with submergence all that often. In fact, large Parshall flumes are among the most resistant designs available, with a submergence transition around 80%. It may not be the highest on the market, but it works well enough for the majority of environments in which a flume is used.


Along with the Parshall flume’s long history comes a breadth of add-ons and accessories. The Parshall type has been popular for so long that there are long-established accessories specifically designed to benefit the flume. These include equipment for above- and below-ground structures, accessibility features, inlet flow conditioners and flow meter mounts.

Sets the Standard

The popularity of the Parshall flume is so widespread that it literally sets the standard for design and flow measurement characteristics against which all other flumes are measured. Technical standards across the world are defined in terms of the Parshall flume, which adds two levels of advantages. First, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a quality-tested efficient flume. Second, it’s easy to see how your own flume compares to established standards, as the standards themselves are defined in terms of Parshall flume design.

Getting Your Own Parshall Flume

With so many Parshall flume advantages, it could be the perfect answer to your flow measurement needs. To get your hands on one of your own, Tracom is happy to help. We feature a wide variety of Parshall flume options that are completely customizable to fit your unique flow channel specifications. Contact us today to learn more about building the perfect flume.