Benefits of a Prefabricated Grinder Manhole

prefabricated manhole

When it comes to wastewater management, there are quite a few different factors involved. Among the most important is having the right tools at your disposal. Because wastewater is so often filled with large debris and particles, you’ll need a tool that lets you deal with them before they cause pump clogs, which can be seriously damaging. Learn all about the benefits of a prefabricated grinder manholes, and discover why you need one for your system.

How Do Grinders Work?

Before you learn about prefabricated grinder manholes, you have to understand grinders in general. A grinder functions exactly how it sounds. As the flow is moved through the system, the solid particles and debris are broken down into smaller pieces by the grinder. They work to break up the solid matter to a size that makes the flow more easily passable throughout the rest of the wastewater management system. 

While grinders can be incredibly useful, especially if you’re dealing with particularly dirty flows, they can break down over time. Your grinder may become less efficient as the constant friction and wear created by the grinding take their toll. This is an unavoidable eventuality of all grinders, so it’s best to opt for a grinder that allows for an easy fix and other relevant maintenance when its efficiency begins to decline.

Accessible for Repairs

When a grinder breaks down, it can be a serious hassle to fix. Grinders are typically located deep within a wastewater management system, so access is limited. If you opt for a prefabricated grinder manhole, however, you can easily access all the necessary parts to address any problems quickly and effectively. The manhole design creates a convenient passage to the surface from any grinder, so it’s just a matter of heading down a ladder.

Easy to Install

When you opt for a prefabricated grinder manhole, integrating it into a system is remarkably easy. If you choose an all-in-one prefab, for example, the grinder and manhole will be one complete package, so you won’t have to worry about combining two sections. There are also options that are better suited for installing grinders in a pre-existing sewer system without the need for a new manhole. With prefabricated grinder manholes, consumer choice is one of the best features.

Strong Composition

Prefabricated grinder manholes are notably strong and resilient. Given how much debris and particles they come into contact with virtually constantly, they have to be. Some of the best grinder manholes are made from fiberglass, a notably strong material known for being smooth and resistant to corrosion. While maintenance is easier with a grinder manhole, you won’t have to worry about it as much when you opt for a fiberglass model.

Find Your Own Prefabricated Grinder Manhole

If you’re looking for a prefabricated grinder manhole of your own, Tracom is happy to help. Our expansive inventory features numerous customizable options for your new or existing wastewater management system. Learn more about our prefabricated manholes, and contact us to take the first step toward maximizing water management efficiency.

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