Packaging Metering Manhole Benefits

In a flow management operation, it’s important that you choose the correct primary devices. Although many systems choose to install a weir or flume directly into a channel, you could also incorporate your device into a packaged metering manhole.

A packaged metering manhole can bolster your operation in several ways. If you’re not familiar with this device, you should examine it in a little closer detail to find out if it’s right for your system. Here are a few enticing packaged metering manhole benefits that you should consider if you’re looking for a durable, accurate flow management device.

Make Your Operator’s Job Easier

If you want your flow management system to operate smoothly, your main goal should be making your operator’s job as easy as possible. With a packaged metering manhole, you’ll give your operators quick, easy and secure access to your primary measuring device.

Your primary flow management device, typically a flume, will be incorporated into your manhole, as will whatever measurement tool you’ve chosen. This means that your operator will have everything that they need to take flow readings in one convenient location. If you want to make sure your operation has a consistently level of success, installing a packaged metering manhole is the perfect solution.

Impressive Longevity

One of the biggest packaged metering manhole benefits is that these devices will last for years and years. Many manholes, for existence, are made out of fiberglass, which is a highly durable material. Fiberglass manholes are resistant to a wide variety of environmental damage, making them ideal for tough flow measurement applications.

Packaged metering manholes are also watertight. This means that your primary measurement devices will be less at risk for excessive moisture exposure and resulting corrosion. Because of their extreme durability, your manhole will last for many years and require very little regular maintenance.

Quick Installation and Usage

When you’re choosing a device for your flow management needs, you want to be sure that it can be installed and ready for use as quickly as possible, which is another big advantage of these manholes. Installing a fiberglass manhole takes only a few steps. If you already have a suitable installation site, you can add your manhole with very little effort.

Once your manhole has been installed, it will be immediately ready to use. This means that there will be virtually no delay from the time your installation is complete to the time that your operator can start taking flow management. If you’re looking for a flow management device that can be installed whenever you need, look no further than a packaged metering manhole.

Add a Manhole to Your System

Now that you know the many packaged metering manhole benefits, you may be ready to install this versatile device in your flow management operation. If so, then your best option is working with the team at Tracom, FRP. We are one of the leading producers of fiberglass flow management tools, including packaged metering manholes, and we would be glad to work with you.

Contact Tracom today to get more information about our line of products and to request a quote.

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