What Makes a Cutthroat Flume Different

When you’re considering using a flume for the flow measurement needs of your water management operation, there are a wide variety of styles that you could choose. However, if you want one of the most distinct, useful flumes that exist, you should select a Cutthroat flume.

Using a Cutthroat flume means having a flow measurement tool that can be employed in a wide variety of situations and eliminates many of the other obstacles you can experience with other flume types. Read about the features that separate Cutthroat flumes from other flume types and discover how you can purchase this measurement tool for your operation.

Throat and Bottom

If you’re not familiar with the Cutthroat flume, you might expect it to have a similar design to every other flume on the market. However, this is not the case. For starters, this flume earned its name by completely eliminating its throat section. Instead, the inlet section of the flume immediately transitions to the diverging section.

In addition to removing the throat section, the Cutthroat flume differs from other flume types by having a completely flat bottom. This allows a Cutthroat to be fit directly into an existing channel, making it the perfect flume choice for operations where retrofitting is a necessity. A unique design makes the Cutthroat flume one of the best flow measurement tools on the market.

Standardized Ratio

A major obstacle when it comes to choosing the right flume for your water management system is sizing. While most flumes are able to be custom constructed in a variety of sizes, sizing certain flumes up or down is a tremendous amount of work due to non-standard ratios. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue when you choose Cutthroat flumes.

With a cutthroat flume, the intel sidewall ratio is always three to one and the ratio for the diverging section sidewalls is five to one. Because these ratios are standard, entire lines of Cutthroat flumes can be manufactured by adjusting the sidewalls. Maximum customization is another reason you should consider using a Cutthroat flume.


Perhaps the main reason that water management systems across the country should consider using a Cutthroat flume is the ability to use this tool in a wide array of water measurement scenarios.

For example, because of its ability to sit flat in a channel, a Cutthroat flume is the perfect option to measure surface water flow. These flumes are also commonly used to measure irrigation, industrial, and sewage flows. However, when measuring sewage flows, certain adjustments will need to be made to avoid the risk of sedimentation.

Purchase Cutthroat Flumes Today

For water management operations looking for a flume that provides a high level of versatility alongside accurate measurements, there is no better choice than the Cutthroat flume. Purchase the Cutthroat flumes that your water measurement operation needs by working with the professionals at Tracom, FRP.

At Tracom, our ultimate focus is providing water management operations with high-quality, durable tools, and we do this by producing a wide range of fiberglass flow management products, including Cutthroat flumes. Contact Tracom today to learn more about our impressive product catalogue and to learn why fiberglass is always a good choice.

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