Montana Flume Installation

A Montana flume is one of the most accurate flow management devices that you could ask for, and is suitable for a wide variety of flow management applications. If you’re thinking about adding one of these flow management devices to your operation, you need to be certain that it’s installed the right way so that you get the most accurate measurements possible. Here is a quick guide to Montana flume installation that you can use to make sure you get the most utility out of this device as possible.

Make Sure to Brace Your Flume

One of the great things about Montana flumes is that they can be installed in both indoor and outdoor applications, which is why they’re so widely used. Whatever application you choose for your flume, however, you need to make sure that you use bracing throughout the installation process.

Bracing is crucial because it ensures that the flume doesn’t shift out of place during installation, which can cause major issues down the line. The amount of time you’ll need to brace your flume depends on the application. If you’re installing your Montana flume in concrete, such as in an industrial setting, you can remove the bracing as soon as the installation is complete. On the other hand, in outdoor settings, you should leave the bracing in place as shifting will be an ongoing concern.

Installation Steps

Now that you know the importance of bracing, we can move on to discussing the specific steps of Montana flume installation. First, as with all flumes, you need to be certain that you center the Montana flume in the flow channel. If it’s not centered, the flume won’t be able to capture all of the flow and function properly.

In addition to centering the flume, you need to make sure that the outlet is at the proper height. If the outlet channel is too low, submergence can occur, which will make taking accurate readings a lot more difficult. You will also need to make sure that the floor of your Montana flume is completely level. Place a leveler on the floor of the flume and take both side-to-side and front-to-back measurements to make sure you have a level floor. If the floor is unlevel, it can affect the velocity of the flow.

Before you remove the internal bracing from the inside of your flume, make sure it’s in the correct final position. If you remove these braces before the flume is in its final position, the flume may distort and accurate readings will be impossible.

Purchase a Montana Flume

Keep the steps in this Montana flume installation guide in mind, and installing your flume in your operation should be quick and easy. If you need to purchase a Montana flume, Tracom, FRP is here for you.

We produce fiberglass flumes in the most dependable, useful styles, and we can help you choose the right device for your operation. Whether you need to measure flow in an industrial setting or outdoors, we have a flume for you. Contact us today to get information about our inventory and to get assistance choosing your flow management device.