How Does A Flow Metering Manhole Work?

If you want your flow management operation to succeed, there are several different tools you can choose. However, one of the most beneficial devices that you could add to your system is a flow metering manhole.

As you might expect from its name, a flow metering manhole is a manhole that is specifically designed with flow management in mind. Generally, these manholes will incorporate a primary device such as a weir or flume, as well as other equipment that is crucial for flow measurement. Learn a little bit about the different types of flow metering manhole and find out if this tool is the right choice to meet your flow measurement needs.  

Manholes for Open Channel Flow

Flow metering manholes, also known as packaged metering manholes are used to measure open channel flow, and the type of flow that you are attempting to measure will influence the primary device that is installed in your manhole.

In operations focused on measuring open channel flow, the most common option is installing a flume in a flow metering manhole. Generally, this will be a Parshall flume, although it’s possible to use flumes in other styles.

In some cases, however, there are some limits to using flumes in flow metering manholes. If the size of the line is too large, for instance, it’s usually a better idea to install a direct measurement device, which will simplify your operations.

Because of the high head loss requirements of flow metering manholes, weirs are a poor choice for a primary measurement device. In addition, flow metering manholes are often used to measure flows with high sediment content, which poses a big problem for weirs. The only exception to this rule is if you’re managing dam seepage. In these cases, the weirs ability to catch sediment is a positive instead of a negative.

Manholes with Closed Pipes

While flumes are an excellent choice for open channel flow metering manholes, they are a poor solution for manholes with closed pipes. In these circumstances, you would usually install a mag meter to help you take your regular measurements.

Installing mag meters in closed pipe flow metering manholes provides several advantages, including early unbeatable accuracy. In addition to accuracy, they are also very affordable, which can be a concern for many operations. The disadvantage, however, is that you will need to add a solution to access the meter for regular maintenance, which can obviously increase your final costs.  

Install a Flow Metering Manhole

Whether you need to measure open channel flow or flow in a closed pipe, your best solution is installing a flow metering manhole. With a flow metering manhole and the correct primary device, you’ll be able to take consistent measurements that should lead to success. Get the flow metering manhole that’s right for your system today by working with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom provides fiberglass products upon which flow management operations can depend. Whether you need a flow metering manhole or a device to incorporate into your existing manhole, our team is here to help you find the products that are right for you. Contact us today for more information about our inventory.