Why Consulting Engineers Should Choose Packaged Metering Manholes

Measuring piped flows below grade can be an extremely difficult task, which is why consulting engineers should be very careful about the measuring device that they choose. While flumes are a popular choice for measuring different types of flows, using them to measure piped flows poses several problems, including choosing end adapters and adjusting for pipe slope.

If you’re a consulting engineer looking for an effective solution for measuring below grade piped flow, then your best solution is a packaged metering manhole. Learn more about the benefits of packaged metering manholes for consulting engineers, and find out how you can install these tools in your system.


While there are a variety of benefits to using a packaged metering manhole, the most enticing is convenience. With a packaged metering manhole, your flow measuring device, usually a flume, is factory integrated into the manhole.

For one, this allows for very simple installation. Generally, all you will need is a level concrete slab before placing your manhole. Second, because your flow measurement device is located directly in the manhole, operators can easily access the correct point of measurement, allowing for the quick and accurate measurements on which your operation depends. Although there are certainly other options for measuring piped flows, none is as convenient as a packaged metering manhole.


A factor that many consulting engineers fail to consider when measuring piped flow is the longevity of their measuring device. Unlike other flow measurement solutions that you could choose, a packaged metering manhole is extremely durable, often lasting for years with almost no need for regular maintenance.

Because a packaged metering manhole is manufactured as a single structure, it is completely resistant to the type of inflow that you would experience with a traditional manhole. Similarly, packaged metering manholes have no seams or cracks, preventing moisture from entering your system and causing corrosion. Choosing a packaged metering manhole means getting a long-lasting flow measurement option that will resist most forms of environmental damage.


When choosing a flow measurement device, cost is almost always a factor. While it’s true that the upfront costs of packaged metering manholes are a little steeper than other flow measurement options, the money that you will save over time more than makes up for this fact.

Fiberglass packaged metering manholes, for instance, will not corrode like traditional manholes, meaning you will not need to spend money on repairs or replacement. In addition, packaged metering manholes have lower manpower and equipment needs, reducing your long-term costs even further. A packaged metering manhole is the economical choice for measuring your piped flows.

Purchase Packaged Metering Manholes

For consulting engineers looking for an ideal solution for measuring piped flows, the best option is a packaged metering manhole. Packaged metering manholes are convenient, long lasting, and affordable, everything you could want in a primary flow measuring device. Purchase packaged metering manholes for your system by working with the professionals at Tracom, FRP.

When you work with Tracom, you’ll have access to a wide range of excellent fiberglass flow management products, including packaged metering manholes. Contact Tracom today for more information about our products and services.

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