How to Condition Flow in Flumes

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If you work in an operation that experiences high volume flow, then you know how hard it can be to get the accurate measurements that you rely on for continued success. To keep your flow at a consistent rate so that you can take accurate measurements, it can be a good idea to condition your flow. Flow conditioning tools come in a variety of styles, all of them worthy of consideration if you’re looking for a way to effectively control the flow in your open channel system. Learn about a few options for conditioning the flow in your operation’s fiberglass flumes and how you can get the tools you need for success.

Tranquilizing Racks

One of the most common ways to condition the flow in your flume is through the use of a tool known as a tranquilizing rack. Tranquilizing racks feature three to four vertical metal pieces that serve to slow down the flow in your operation so that it is at a more manageable level. Additionally, tranquilizing racks are generally used in pairs to maximize their efficiency. The first rack will be placed where the flow begins in order to slow it down and the second rack will be positioned just before the measuring point in order to direct the flow. By using tranquilizing racks in your operation, you’ll be able to condition your flow to the point that your measurements will be as accurate as possible.

Increasing Utility with Energy Absorbers

For applications that experience high energy flow, such as industrial waste monitoring, tranquilizing racks may not be enough on their own to condition your flow to its optimal level. In these situations, you may want to consider pairing your tranquilizing racks with an energy absorber. An energy absorber works to break and reduce the flow in your pipe so that the tranquilizing rack can direct it successfully into your fiberglass flumes. In conjunction, these tools will allow you to manage the flow rate in your operation so that your operators are more easily able to take the measurements that you need.

Possible Alternatives

Finally, it can be helpful to examine an alternative to tranquilizing racks that your operation can possibly use. In systems where the flow is relatively mild, but still needs conditioning, you can substitute tranquilizing racks with perforated plates. However, although they are effective, perforating plates are generally not as successful as tranquilizing racks. It is also possible to eliminate the necessity of flow conditioning altogether by having your flow rise into your flume through the use of such tools as customized weir boxes.

Use the Best Fiberglass Flumes

As we have seen, there are a number of great ways to condition your energetic flow so that your operators can take the accurate measurements that you depend on. To get the flow conditioning tools you need, as well as high-quality fiberglass flumes, you need to partner with Tracom, FRP Tracom offers operations like yours top-quality fiberglass products that will both ease your day-to-day tasks and increase your overall success. Request a quote from us today and equip your open flow system with the flumes and flow conditioners that you need.