Can You Increase Measurement Accuracy with Flow Meter Bubbler Tubes?

Operating an open channel water management system relies on one factor more than anything else: accurate measurements. Without accuracy, your operation cannot function, which means you need the right tools at your disposal. Although there are a number of excellent water management tools, the one that will provide you the highest level of accuracy and the most utility is a flow meter with bubbler tools. Bubbler flow meters can be installed in a wide variety of applications and will provide your operation with the accuracy that you need. Learn all about flow meter bubbler tubes and find out why they’re the perfect measurement solution for your water management operation.

How Does a Bubbler Work?

Unlike other tools that measure water levels through more inaccurate means such as visual readings, flow meters with bubbler tools employ air pressure to gauge your water levels. Through employment of an air compressor, a small amount of air is pushed through your bubbler tube, and the amount of pressure necessary to move the air completely out of the tube gives you the measurement of your flow. The great thing about this method of measurement is that it is accurate with virtually every type of open channel flow, making flow meters with bubbler tubes the perfect tool for your water management operation.


Flow Meter Bubbler Applications

For most forms of open channel measurement, external conditions are a big consideration. However, with bubbler tubes, this isn’t a concern. Flow meters with bubbler tubes are completely resistant to foam, solids and wind, allowing them to be installed in almost every situation imaginable. Most typically, bubbler tube equipped flow meters will be paired with flumes or weir boxes, both for an added layer of accuracy and a very easy installation. If you’re looking for the right measurement tool to pair with the flumes or weir boxes in your operation, the reliable, consistently accurate choice is a flow meter with bubbler tube.


Possible Problems with Bubblers

While flow meter bubbler tubes are the most accurate measurement tool you could use in your operation, like any measurement option, there are some issues that you should be aware of. First, you must be extremely careful during the assembling and installation process. Improper assemblage or installation can result in leaks from the compression unit, which will decrease your overall accuracy. Secondly, in intense applications, such as storm water measurement, your bubbler tube may be too thin to stand up to the flow’s force, resulting in damage to the tube. However, if you’re aware of these problems beforehand, a flow meter bubbler tube is the best open channel flow measurement solution you could hope for.


Purchase Flow Meter Bubbler Tubes for Your Operation

No matter the type of water management operation you run, you need accurate readings to guarantee long term success. As we have seen, the measurement tool that offers you the accuracy and versatility you need is a flow meter with bubbler tube. Purchase the flow meter bubbler tubes that your water management operation needs by partnering with Tracom, FRP. Tracom provides top quality water measurement tools to operations across the country, and we’d be proud to work with you. Contact us today to find out more about our catalogue of products and how we can improve your operation.