Can You Use a Wooden Weir for Stream Gauging?

If you need a tool for stream gauging, there’s in no better option than installing a weir. However, if you’re looking to control your costs, you might be thinking about having your weir constructed out of an affordable material such as wood.

While it may seem like you could make a weir out of wood, there are several drawbacks to this material that you should consider before making your purchase. Here is some information about using wooden weirs for stream gauging and advice for picking the right material for your primary device.

Consider Your Weir Crest

If you want your weir to work properly, the most important factor is maintaining the right thickness for your weir crest. Unfortunately, if you choose to use wooden weirs, this can be very difficult, if not downright impossible.

For accurate readings, your weir crest should not be thicker than an eighth of an inch. With wood, achieving this thickness is very tough, as the wood is likely to splinter. So, when using a wooden weir, it’s likely that you will not be able to maintain the thickness of your weir crest long-term.

Another drawback related to weir crests and wood is that wood can be extremely rough, and your weir crest must be smooth for water to flow freely. If you need a permanent solution for stream gauging, you should steer clear of wooden weirs.

Is Wood Good for Anything?

While wooden weirs are a poor choice for permanent stream gauging, there are certain circumstances where you can successfully use wood.

For instance, you can use a wooden weir in temporary installations. However, to make sure your weir functions properly, you’ll need to add a fiberglass or metal plate that will function as the weir crest. If you’re installing a flume instead of a weir, you can use wood for your wing walls.

Alternative Materials

Now that you know you can’t use wood for your weir, you need to find the right material. Luckily, if you want a long-lasting, accurate weir, you can choose fiberglass.

Fiberglass is an extremely durable material and is the optimal choice for weirs and other flow management devices. With fiberglass, your weir will be able to hold up under tough outdoor conditions, and you should also be able to make sure that your weir crest is smooth and has the correct thickness. If you choose a fiberglass weir, you will easily be able to gauge streams or handle your other flow management needs.

Avoid Wooden Weirs

If you need a weir for stream gauging, wooden weirs aren’t the best choice. Instead, you should install a fiberglass weir, and the best way to find the weir that meets your exact needs is working with Tracom, FRP.

At Tracom, our passion is providing world-class fiberglass water management products, including weirs. You can check out our product inventory and easily find the weir or flume that fits your day to day flow management operations. Contact us today so that one of our representatives can provide you a quote and help you pick out the tools that match your precise needs.

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