Selecting a Primary Device: Is a Weir or Flume Right for You?

In a water management operation, there’s nothing more important decision than picking your primary device, with the two most popular options being flumes and weirs. If you’re familiar with these devices, then you probably know that both have their distinct benefits. However, you probably also know that neither is right for every situation, which is why choosing between the two can sometimes be difficult.

Before picking your primary device, it’s important to learn what circumstances call for a weir and which need a Parshall flume. Here is some information that can help you choose between a weir and Parshall flume so that you can be sure you’re using the right primary device.

Installation Site Configuration

One of the most important things to consider when choosing between a Parshall flume and weir is the how your installation site will be configured. For instance, while both devices depend on properly developed upstream channels, certain types of weirs need extra room for nappe aeration.

The nappe of a weir must be aerated for it to work the way you need. When examining your installation site, you should check to see if aeration can occur naturally or if adjustments will need to be made. You also need to make sure that there is enough room properly size your weir pool.

When it comes to flumes, you need to make sure your installation channel can accommodate the flume style you have chosen. For instance, some flumes will easily fit into natural channels while others will not. You also need to make sure that no flow will be able to escape your flume once it has been placed.

Examining your potential installation site should help you pick out your primary device.

Consider Flow Composition

Another way to choose between a Parshall flume and a weir is examining the normal flow conditions in your system. While this is more important for flumes than it is weirs, it’s still something that must be considered.

If you’re leaning towards a weir, you need to examine the flow to see if there is a risk for debris that might block your weir crest. In regards to Parshall flumes, you need to be certain that the flow entering your flume is both tranquil and sub-critical. If the flow is too fast or too turbulent, it can greatly impact the efficacy of your flume. Also, if there is debris in your flow and you want to use a flume, you need to choose an option that is designed to effectively pass solids.

Purchase Your Primary Device

Consider the right factors, and you should be able to easily pick out a primary device that matches the needs of your operation. Whether you decide to install a Parshall flume or weir, you can easily find your preferred device by shopping with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom provides the first-rate fiberglass water management products that you need and deserve. Whether you want a flume, a weir, or an accessory for either device, you’ll find the tool that’s right for you in our catalog. Request a weir or flume quote today so that you can purchase your primary device.