What are The Best Tools for Industrial Discharge Monitoring?

Industrial operations are frequently required to sample their discharge to ensure they are complying with certain environmental regulations. The problem, however, is that these operations are often limited on space. This means it can be difficult to accommodate a flume or weir for management and measurement purposes.

While a standard size flume or weir may not fit in such operations, there are some adjustments you can make so that you can easily measure industrial discharge. Here are a few tools for industrial discharge monitoring you can install in your operation, even if you’re working with a small amount of space.

Installing a Flume

Although industrial operations have several options to choose from when it comes to measuring industrial discharge, the best option is usually a flume. The great thing about choosing a flume for industrial discharge monitoring is you can install your device in whatever way best meets the needs of your operation.

For example, many industrial operations choose to incorporate a flume into a Packaged Metering Manhole. Choosing this option allows operators to take flow measurements in a contained environment. Flumes can also be installed directly in a concrete channel or in an above grade enclosure. If you decide to install a flume in your operation, your best bet is likely a Parshall flume, which can handle the stresses of an industrial operation.

Modified Weir Boxes

A customized weir box is another useful tool for industrial discharge monitoring. The benefit of weir boxes is that they can be modified to meet the exact needs of your operation at can typically be installed either above or below grade.

In an industrial operation, the biggest advantage of a weir box is the multiple discharge options. For example, weir boxes can be configured to allow flow to spill freely out of the weir can be connected to a discharge pipe. Also, a weir boxes ability to handle multiple flow rates make them ideal for industrial operations where a variety of flow types may be present.

Dealing with Energetic Flow

Whether you choose a flume or a weir box for industrial discharge monitoring, the flow entering your primary device needs to be properly conditioned. If the flow in your industrial operation is particularly energetic, you may need to invest in an accessory such as an energy absorber or an underflow baffle plate.

Regardless of how you installed for flow management device, you should easily be able to incorporate an energy absorber. This tool will condition the flow in your system so it is at the proper subcritical rate. Although they won’t be needed in every application, energy absorbers can help improve the functionality of your flow management device and the overall success of your system.

Make Your Decision

As you can see, there are a variety of useful tools for industrial discharge monitoring designed to perfectly meet the needs of your operation. If you’re ready to invest in a flume or weir box for your system, you need to check out the flow management tools offered by Tracom, FRP.

Our products are made from high-quality fiberglass, meaning they’ll hold up in the toughest industrial operations. Contact Tracom today for a quote.