The Basics of Selecting a Flume for Your Operation

Successfully running a water management operation comes down to a few basic tasks, but the primary key to long-term success is having the right tools for the job. For most water systems, the most indispensable tool is flumes, and if you’re trying to choose the right type of flume to use in your operation, then it is imperative that you learn more about his fantastic tools so that you make the right choice for you.

Whatever type of flume you use, you’ll be getting a water management tool you can count on. Read about the basics of choosing a fiberglass flume for your flow management needs and learn the best source for all your water product needs.


Flume Weaknesses

If you’re a discerning operator, then your first task in choosing the right flow management and measurement equipment for your operation is examining the possible weakness of a given product. Fortunately, when you choose fiberglass flumes, the drawbacks are very limited in scope.


The biggest disadvantage of choosing flumes for your water management system is that they more expensive than weirs—the other most common flow management tool. In addition, depending on the requirements of your operations and the flume type that you choose, installing your flume can be a little more difficult than you could expect with other tools.


Strengths Across Flume Types

With the drawbacks out of the way, we can now discuss the almost unlimited benefits that you’ll receive when choosing a fiberglass flume for your water system.

Unlike weir plates, virtually every type of flume that you could choose is self-cleaning, reducing your need for periodic maintenance. Flumes also have a much lower headloss than you would experience when using weirs. Also, for ease of installation and low construction costs, flumes make a great choice because of the availability of existing molds. Lastly, most flumes can be nested to handle different flow rates and to increase their overall measurement accuracy.

To get the most benefits possible in one water management tool, choose a fiberglass flume.


Picking from a Variety of Flumes

The main reason that so many water operations rely on flumes for their day to day flow management needs is the sheer variety of styles that flumes are available in. Whether you need a short throat or long throat, have a low flow or energetic flow, there is a flume type that will fit your level of need. Let’s look at a few of the best flumes you good choose from.


Parshall flumes are the most popular flume choice across the country thanks to its easy installation and easier use. They even come in a shorter version known as the Montana flume. If you need a long throated flume, then you might choose the versatile Palmer-Bowlus flume, and for irrigation applications, the Trapezoidal flume is always a great option.


Install a Fiberglass Flume in Your Operation

Hopefully, after learning more about flumes, you’ll be ready to install this amazing tool in your water management system. Find a great fiberglass flume that will fit your operation by working with the water tool experts at Tracom, FRP.


Browse our catalogue of fiberglass water management products and you’ll be sure to find the tools that you need for success. Request a quote from Tracom today!

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