Avoiding the Wrong Parshall Flume Installation Site

The Parshall flume is one of the most versatile flow management tools in the world. Capable of handling a wide range of flow types and familiar to almost every water management operator, the Parshall flume is the ideal tool for your business. When installed correctly, it can help you maintain a consistent level of success.

Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, it’s extremely easy to choose the wrong installation site for your Parshall flume, reducing the effectiveness of this flow management device. Here are a few tips for avoiding unideal Parshall flume installation sites so that you can install your flume correctly and take accurate measurements.

Improper Channel Conditions

If you want to get the most out of. your Parshall flume, then you need to choose the right channel. Without the right channel conditions, your flume will not be able to correctly capture and manage flow, which means you need to examine the conditions at your installation site very carefully.

First, if you’re installing your flume in an earthen channel, your flume needs to cover between a third and a half of the channel. If your Parshall flume doesn’t match the channel size, it will not be able to measure your flow.

Second, if the flow at your installation is turbulent or unbalanced, you will need to find another place to install your Parshall flume. If the flow approaching your flume isn’t calm and straight, the accuracy of your measurements will be impacted.

Information about Elevation

For your Parshall flume to function correctly, there needs to be a drop-in flume elevation. Unfortunately, not every installation site can accommodate this need, which means that you may need to give some thought to elevating your flume.

If you do need to elevate your Parshall flume, you should be certain that the channel banks upstream of your flume are high enough to accommodate the raised height. If it’s possible, you can also alter the downstream channel instead of elevating your flume.

Avoid Inaccessible Sites

It should be obvious that your operators will need access to your Parshall flume if they are to take flow measurements. Unfortunately, not everyone takes this issue into account when choosing an installation site, potentially impacting the effectiveness of their operation.

Before you start installing your flume, make sure that the site you’ve chosen isn’t too remote and that your operators will be easily able to access your flume. Any site that’s hard to get to should be avoided if at all possible.

Find the Right Parshall Flumes

As long as you keep these issues in mind, you should be able to avoid inadequate installation sites for your flume. Once you’ve chosen the right installation site, you need to make sure you have high-quality fiberglass Parshall flumes to install, which you can purchase from Tracom, FRP.

Tracom offers flumes in a variety of styles, including the popular Parshall flume, and all of our products are made from fiberglass, meaning you can trust their quality and durability. Contact one of our team members today so that we can tell you about our Parshall flumes and the benefits of shopping with Tracom.

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