Do You Need a Cover for Your Flume or Weir Box?

In your water management operation, it’s likely that your measurement solution is either a flume or a weir box. Two of the most accurate flow measurement tools in the world, weir boxes and flumes will fit the exact needs of your operation and will help you maintain the level of success that you need.

While flumes and weir boxes are great devices on their own, you can improve their utility by adding accessories such as covers or enclosures. Find out why you may need a cover for flumes and weir boxes and learn about the benefits of purchasing water tools made from fiberglass.

Do You Care About Security?

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re trying to decide if you need a cover for weir boxes and flumes is where your flow management devices are located. For instance, if your primary devices are in a public place, or are somewhere that’s easily accessible, then it’s possible they will experience tampering.

If you add a cover to your flume or weir box, you can make sure that they’ll be free from interference, and that only your operators will be able to access these devices. For operations who are concerned with security, a solid cover is usually the best option.

Quick and Effective Readings

Another benefit of adding a cover to your flume or weir box is that they can allow your operators to take quick readings from these devices.

For example, solid covers can be equipped with an observation window that will allow your operator to check flow rates and water levels without having to open your cover. For an even easier measurement solution, you can choose a transparent cover which will give your operators a completely unobstructed view of your measurement device.

Protection from the Elements

When your flume or weir box is exposed to the elements, it’s possible for serious damaging to occur, lowering the overall success level of your business. If you want to eliminate environmental damage as fully as possible, then adding a cover to your flow management device is an excellent choice.

Depending on the type of cover that you choose, you can protect your weir box or flume from several forms of damage, include harsh ultraviolet light. In addition to protecting the investment that you’ve made in your equipment, this will also ensure that your flume or weir box will be operational well into the future.

Finding Your Cover

There are several reasons that you should purchase a cover for flumes and weir boxes, including protecting your equipment and allowing your operators to take easy readings. If you’re interested in purchasing a cover, or need to buy the primary devices themselves, then your best option is shopping with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom provides everything that you need for your water management system, including primary devices such as weir boxes and flumes, and accessories such as covers. One of our representatives can tell you about our product catalog and help you choose the tools that will fit perfectly in your system. Request a quote from us today to get started.