Why You Should Add a Cover to Your Weir

Like most primary flow management devices, weir boxes are available with a variety of accessories that can improve their utility, including covers. Weir box covers come in several different styles, and while not every weir will need a cover, they can be an invaluable accessory, depending on the nature of your operation.

If you’re not quite sure if you should add a cover to your weir box, you should learn about the different situations where these accessories can be useful. Here are some of the reasons you may want to install covers for weir boxes and advice for finding the right tools for your water management operation.

Controlling Accessibility

Unless your weir box is in a remote location, you need to consider how you are controlling access to your primary device. You want to be sure that only your operators and other authorized personnel can access your weir box, which is easily accomplished by installing a cover.

Solid weir box covers can prevent unwanted access to your weir box, and can also increase the durability to your device. Adding a solid cover is particularly beneficial if your weir box is located in an area with high foot traffic or is somewhere that is easily accessible to the public.

Protecting Your Weir Box from Damage

When you invest in a primary flow management device such as a weir box, you want to make sure that it will last as long as possible, which is another benefit of covers for weir boxes. With a cover, you’ll be able to protect your weir box from different forms of damage, reducing your ongoing maintenance needs and lowering the risk of having to replace your weir box because of major wear and tear.

A solid fiberglass cover, for example, is a highly durable option that can protect your weir box from most forms of damage. You can even have your cover manufactured with a viewing window so that your operator will not need to remove the cover in order to take readings.

In some applications, you may want to install a transparent weir box cover. These covers serve several different purposes, including protecting your weir box from environmental damage. For starters, transparent covers provide a clear view of the interior of your weir box, making your operator’s job that much easier. Transparent covers can also be manufactured with a tint that will protect your weir from harsh ultraviolet light. If you want to make sure that your weir box lasts for years to come, installing a cover is a great idea.

Add a Cover to Your Weir Box

A weir box is an extremely useful primary flow management device, particularly if you add the right accessory such as covers for weir boxes. Before you can install a cover, however, you need to add a weir box to your system, and you can purchase a quality fiberglass weir box by shopping with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom produces a wide range of open channel flow products, including fiberglass flumes and weir boxes. Contact us today and let one of our representatives help you choose the tools that are right for your operation.