Why You Should Use Fiberglass Wastewater Solutions

fiberglass flume

Plenty of materials are available when it comes to making flumes and weir boxes, but none of them works quite as well as fiberglass-reinforced plastics. Fiberglass has been used in wastewater applications for more than half a century, and its popularity has only increased over the years. Learn why you should use fiberglass wastewater solutions, and discover all the benefits this material can offer.

Corrosion Resistance

Wastewater flows are inherently corrosive, but they’re often also filled with chlorine and various other chemicals that increase the rate of corrosion significantly. Because of this, you’ll need a flume or weir box that can handle certain levels of corrosion and contaminants without wearing down to the point where the dimensions of the channel are altered. Fiberglass offers the resistance you need. Not only is this material inherently strong, but the gel coats and resins can protect against a wide variety of damaging forces, including UV radiation for outdoor applications.


Fiberglass leads to astounding affordability in the long run that other materials simply can’t match. While it’s not the cheapest material when making a direct comparison with other materials, it is by far the most affordable over time. This is because the additional costs of flow rate measurement solutions are lower compared with other materials. For example, a fiberglass flume is lightweight. That means it’s more affordable to ship and install. Installation is particularly easy because it doesn’t require that many people or heavy equipment.


When you opt for a fiberglass flume or weir, you can enjoy the exact dimensions you need, even if they’re a bit odd. Fiberglass solutions are crafted as a singular piece, so you can enjoy seamless edges and corners. Even if the flume or weir box itself is crafted using multiple pieces, these parts are melded together to ultimately create one piece upon completion. Fiberglass makes this process particularly easy, and it can offer the tight dimensions you need.

Easy Upkeep

Performing maintenance on any flume or weir box is an essential aspect of operation, and it can become quite burdensome with some materials. That’s not the case when you opt for fiberglass, however, as many fiberglass wastewater solutions are largely self-cleaning, especially if you opt for a flume. All you really need to do to keep it in good condition is to wash it with a mild detergent. If you’re trying to retain a glossy finish, you may have to apply a bit of wax as well. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about ultraviolet rays wearing down the resin if you apply a gel coat. The gel coat can even be applied before installing the device.

Find Fiberglass Solutions With Tracom

Now that you know why you should use fiberglass, it’s time to get a flume or weir box of your own. That’s where Tracom can help. Our open channel flow products are crafted with high-quality fiberglass and supreme attention to detail. You can even work with our design team to create a custom solution suitable for your unique flow channel conditions. Contact us today to get started!

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