What to Look For in a Flume Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a flume to take care of all your flow measurement needs, you need to find the right manufacturer. Resellers can never offer you the customization your unique flow conditions require, and not all manufacturers are created equal. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Here’s what to look for in a flume manufacturer to ensure you get a flume that you can count on.


The first consideration for any flume manufacturer is whether flumes are one of the main products they offer. Manufacturers require a unique set of knowledge to create flumes that work properly, and you may not be able to get that if a manufacturer is also making car parts and boats. You’ll need a manufacturer that can guarantee quality design and has the know-how to offer customization options without compromising a flume’s ability to measure flow rate.

Customer Service

Flumes can become virtually useless if even minor problems arise. Fortunately, many problems are relatively easy to fix. You’ll just need a bit of guidance. That’s where the manufacturer’s customer service comes into play. They should be able to offer you all the support you need to keep your flume functioning throughout its warranty period and even after. Even before you buy a flume, the manufacturer should be able to determine your needs and find a solution with a flume that works specifically for your unique situation.

Quality Material

While you can get a flume made out of a wide variety of materials, there’s really only a single option if you’re looking for the best in terms of both performance and cost. That material is fiberglass. The best manufacturers will offer fiberglass solutions that will increase the overall quality of the flume for a fraction of the price of many other materials. Fiberglass is unique in that it can be crafted as one big piece rather than smaller pieces that then have to be assembled, which means the fabrication time and cost are much lower. Even so, you’ll still want to make sure that any fiberglass surface gets the proper gel coating to keep the flume durable and secure.

Extended Warranty

Any manufacturer worth your time will have confidence in their work. Nothing shows off that confidence quite like a generous warranty. With most manufacturers, you’ll find a warranty of one year at most. Give the application of flumes, however, you may want something a bit longer. Look for manufacturers that can offer more than a year warranty, with two years being ideal. Keep in mind that most flumes, when properly manufactured and installed, will likely last far longer.

Flumes From Tracom

Now that you know what to look for in a flume manufacturer, it’s time to put Tracom to the test. Our team is happy to help with all your fiberglass flume needs, as we can help you craft a unique design for your individual flow channel requirements. Additionally, we’re happy to offer a two-year warranty with all our flumes. Contact us today to get a quote!

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