What are some Replacement Floors for Fiberglass Flumes?

When you install a flume in your water management system, you hope that the installation is successful. However, unfortunately, sometimes a flume is installed incorrectly, which can affect the overall accuracy and your success. While most unsuccessful flume installation can be easily corrected by leveling your flume, those that involve a flume that have been installed a too low of a height can be a little more difficult to correct

Fortunately, if your flume has been installed too low, you have the ability to fix the problem by installing replacement floors. Learn more about replacement floors for fiberglass flumes, what type of issues they solve and how you can purchase this tool for your water system.

When and Why Are Replacement Floors Used?

As mentioned, the primary use of a replacement floor is to address a flume that has been installed below its optimal level. The reason this is so important is that when a flume is installed too low, it can result in submergence. While submergence is not always a problem for water systems, it can make taking accurate measurements more difficult, possibility impacting your system’s success and taking up your operator’s valuable time.

Fortunately, replacement floors can be built and used in the most popular flumes on the market. Whether your system uses Parshall flumes, Cutthroat flumes or Montana flumes, you can use replacement floors and fight submergence.

Materials Used for Replacement Floors

After learning about the circumstances when you might use a replacement floor, it’s a good idea to learn about the different construction methods used for these invaluable water management tools. Possibly the biggest advantage possessed by replacement floors is that they can constructed in a wide variety of styles depending on the needs of your system.

When it comes to construction material, replacement floors are commonly constructed as a fiberglass shell with a concrete or steel interior. This gives them a longer lifespan and an increased level of durability. However, your replacement floor can also be made as a single piece that is solid all the way through, in multiple pieces that you will construct onsite and as an integral approach apron.

Multiple manufacturing methods makes replacement floors one of the most versatile tools on the market.

Possible Drawbacks

When considering the use of a water management too like a replacement floor for fiberglass flumes, it can be a useful exercise to examine some of the possible drawbacks. Fortunately, if you find that you absolutely need a replacement floor, there is only one negative you need to be aware of.

Because you’re raising the bottom level of your flume when you install a replacement floor, this means your flume will have a lower maximum water level. While this won’t be a problem for most systems, it can be an issue for operation that feature a high flow level.

Buy Replacement Floors for Fiberglass Flumes

When you need to purchase replacement floors for fiberglass flumes to install in your water management system, your number one source is Tracom, FRP. When you shop with Tracom, you’ll be able to find the exact tools you need to improve the success of your operation. Contact us today to ask about our products and to learn how using fiberglass water management tools can increase your system’s level of success

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