Reasons to Use Packaged Metering Manholes

A packaged metering manhole is one of the most versatile tools that you could install in your water management system. With a packaged metering manhole, you’ll have your flow measuring device, usually, a flume, integrated right into your manhole, providing your operators quick and easy access.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a packaged metering manhole in your operation, it’s a good idea to learn about some of the top advantages you’ll receive with this tool. Here are a few reasons for using a packaged metering manhole, and advice for purchasing and installing this device in your system.


Moisture Resistance

When you install a flume in an outdoor setting, there are several types of environmental damage that it may experience, including corrosion. A fiberglass flume that is continually exposed to moisture has a high corrosion risk, and if this occurs, it can put the long-term success of your operation in jeopardy.

The biggest benefit of using a packaged metering manhole is that these items are extremely resistant to corrosion due to their fiberglass construction. Not only are fiberglass packaged metering manholes resistant to corrosion from moisture, but they are also strong enough to withstand caustic materials like raw sewage. By using a packaged metering manhole, you can protect your primary device and ensure the accuracy of your readings.


Low Maintenance

If your water management operation is fast-paced, then you probably can’t afford to have your operators spending a great deal of time on maintenance, which means you need a flow management tool that doesn’t require consistent upkeep.

Another reason to install a packaged metering manhole in your system is that they are extremely low-maintenance. Packaged metering manholes are resistant to both biological growth and FOGs, meaning they will not need to be cleaned regularly. In fact, the only maintenance task you will need to schedule is periodic inspections of safety elements like ladders. Using a packaged metering manhole saves you time thanks to a lack of maintenance needs.


Fast Installation

Before installing a flow management device in your system, you want to know that the installation will be quick and easy. While other devices can take a large amount of time and effort to install, placing a packaged metering manhole can be done in short order.

To install a packaged metering manhole, you only need to follow six steps: site excavation, pouring the slab, unloading your manhole, stopping the flow, installing the manhole, and backfilling the site. Installing a packaged metering manhole takes very little time, allowing your system to get back up and running as soon as possible.


Buy a Packaged Metering Manhole

As you can now see, installing a packaged metering manhole in your water management system is a great decision. With an integrated flow management device, an impressive level of durability, and simple installation, a packaged metering manhole is the ideal solution for measuring flow in your system. Find the fiberglass packaged metering manhole that’s right for you by browsing the catalog of Tracom, FRP.

Tracom produces high-quality manholes and a wide range of other fiberglass water management products. Taking advantage of inventory means improving your daily operations and long-term success. Contact Tracom today to ask about our packaged metering manholes.