Protecting Your H-Flume from Winter Weather

When installing a flume, it’s crucial that you consider how environmental factors may impact the functionality of your flow management device. For example, while H-flumes are very durable and versatile, they are vulnerable to cold weather.

If you have your H-flume installed in a location where winter weather is a possibility, it’s crucial that you take a few precautions to protect your device from the cold. Fortunately, several convenient solutions are available for shielding your flume from the cold of winter. Here are a few tips for protecting an H-flume from winter weather that you should keep in mind if you want to keep your device working how it should.

Take Advantage of the Sun

One of the simplest solutions for keeping your flume operational during the winter is taking advantage of what little warmth the sun provides in the colder months. For example, it’s possible to coat your H-flume in a gel coat that absorbs UV light and mitigates the effects of low temperatures.

If you’re interested in this gel coat option, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, you must be certain that the entire flume is coated. Second, for the gel coat to work, your flume needs to be constantly exposed to sunlight. This means that it cannot be installed in a shaded area and that you must make sure there is no snow or ice on your device.

Heat Your Flume

Heating your flume is probably the most effective solution for protecting an H-flume from winter weather. If your flume is installed in an area where electricity is available, equipping your flume with a heating element is a great way to protect it from cold temperatures and wintry precipitation.

If you choose external heating, you can heat either your entire flume or the sections that are most vulnerable to cold temperatures. With an H-flume, for instance, the discharge section is susceptible to freezing, so this is likely where you’ll need to concentrate heat if you want your device to function throughout the winter.

Insulate Your H-Flume

Equipping your flume with an insulated cover is another solution for protecting your device from the impacts of winter weather. This is a particularly effective option when the flow in your system is typically warmer than the ambient temperature.

An insulated flume cover works in two important ways. First, it keeps cold air and precipitation such as snow and ice away from your flume. Second, it traps the warmth from your flow in the enclosure, heating your flume so that it is less vulnerable to the cold. While you will need to periodically clear snow from the top of your enclosure, installing this accessory is an excellent way to protect your flume from the chill of winter.

Install an H-Flume

With one of these solutions, you can easily protect H-flumes from winter weather. If you need a new H-flume for your system, you can find a great option in the Tracom, FRP catalog. We are your top resource for dependable fiberglass flumes, and we also offer a range of useful accessories, such as flume covers. Contact Tracom today to get help choosing the flume that matches the needs of your operation.