Packaged Metering Manhole Benefits

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A packaged metering manhole used in conjunction with your flow rate measurement efforts can help you take measurements on underground flow channels more easily. When getting one of these manholes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, but nothing works quite like fiberglass construction. Learn all about the benefits of fiberglass manholes, and discover what they can offer your flow rate measurement efforts.


When you opt for fiberglass manholes, you can enjoy some serious discounts compared with their concrete counterparts. Just about every aspect of these manholes is helpful for your budget and is cost-effective whether you’re looking at it in terms of maintenance, upfront costs or longevity. The manufacturing cost is low thanks to how easy it is to work with fiberglass, and installation is relatively trivial.


If you’re looking for easy solutions to your packaged metering manhole needs, fiberglass construction is your best bet. The integrated flume and the manhole itself are constructed together, so the flume best fit for your flow channel is already integrated and installed at the factory. Additionally, fiberglass manholes are just a single piece, and they’re relatively lightweight compared with concrete options.


Working with fiberglass is always easier than working with concrete. Fiberglass is a hardy material that requires minimal to no maintenance to perform properly. Meanwhile, concrete has to be routinely relined to account for crumbling walls. Plus, fiberglass’s properties make installation much easier, allowing it to go faster with less-intensive labor requirements. If you’re hiring a crew for installation, this saves on costs, too.


Fiberglass is surprisingly strong for its weight. You’ll find that while fiberglass is just a fraction of the weight of concrete in equal amounts, it’s just as strong if not stronger than steel. With that kind of strength, degradation, environmental factors and varied flow rates won’t really affect the functionality of the manhole itself. Even the integrated flume can be quite adaptable depending on the style you get and the flow conditions you’re dealing with.


Plenty can go wrong when you’re working with manholes, but most potential problems are mitigated thanks to the nature of fiberglass and its protective gel coating. Hydrogen sulfide gas can be present within manholes, which can cause the connection between the ladder and the wall of the manhole to falter in concrete constructs. Fiberglass coating is impervious to this gas, however, so you don’t have to worry about it. Similarly, hostile agents like algae, vegetation, groundwater and biomass can’t get through the coating.

Packaged Metering Manholes From Tracom

When you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of fiberglass manholes, Tracom has got you covered. Our packaged metering manholes come with everything you need already integrated, so all you have to do is drop them into place. They’re watertight, corrosion-resistant and lightweight, making installation and maintenance easier than ever before. Fiberglass is always lighter than concrete, but Tracom manholes can boast being only a tenth of the weight of concrete. You’ll even find a variety of hatches available. Contact us today to learn more!

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