Do You Need a Replacement Floor for Your Flume?

There are countless accessories that you can add to a flume, some of which are designed to improve utility and others that are meant to fix a problem. Replacement floors fall into this latter category and can help you adjust the hydraulics of your flume with minimal effort.

If you’re not familiar with replacement floors, you need to learn more about this tool so that you can decide if they would benefit your system. Here are a few facts about replacement floors for flumes that should help you decide if you need to install this accessory in your flow management device.

What the Purpose of Replacement Floors?

The basic idea of replacement floors is to elevate the floor of a flume that has been installed too low in a channel. When the flume floor is too low, it can dramatically impact the accuracy of your readings, which is why replacement floors for flumes are such valuable tools. Replacement floors can also be used if your flume is experiencing submergence.

The benefit of using replacement floors is that they allow you to correct the hydraulics of your flume without having to break down your flume and install it a second time. This accessory can also be called a magic bottom or a false floor.

Installing Your False Floor

If you’ve decided that you need a magic bottom for your flume, whether it’s because the flume floor is too low or you’re dealing with submergence, there are a few facts that you need to keep in mind so that you can be sure you’re installing this accessory correctly.

First, you must secure your replacement floor in your flume. Usually, this can be done by screwing your floor into place. Second, you need to determine the height at which you will install your floor. You can install a false floor at almost any height that you need, but you will need to determine who the new height will affect head in the upstream channel. If you’re installing a floor to correct submergence, you need to calculate your installation height very carefully.

Can You Use a Magic Bottom?

Before you install your false floor, you need to decide if your flume can accommodate this particular accessory. Fortunately, magic bottoms can be used in a wide range of flumes, so you should be able to install this tool without difficulty.

To install a replacement floor, your flume must have vertical sidewalls. This means that you can install these floors in Montana flumes, Parshall flumes, and Cutthroat flumes. Trapezoidal and RBC flumes, which do not have vertical sidewalls, cannot be equipped with false floors. You also cannot use a replacement floor in a H/HS/HL flume.

Find Your Flume

If you need to correct the hydraulics of your flume, the easiest solution is adding replacement floors for flumes, and if you need a high-quality flume, you can shop with Tracom, FRP. We manufacture an array of flumes, including styles that can make use of false floors. Our team can help you find the flumes and accessories that will help your open channel flow operation succeed. Request a quote from Tracom today.

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