Why You Need a Flume Manufacturer Instead of a Reseller

To get accurate flow rate measurements, you’ll need a quality flume. Finding the right one can take a bit of searching, as there are several companies, each with multiple options available. During that search, however, there’s one question you need to keep in mind before you make a decision. Am I buying from a flume manufacturer or a flume reseller?

The difference can be quite significant, so you need to make sure you land on the side most beneficial to your operations. Learn why you need a flume manufacturer instead of a flume reseller, and discover the difference a manufacturer can make in getting you a unique flume suited for your individual needs.

Why Flumes?

Flumes are a necessary product for anyone looking for a solution to open channel flow monitoring. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to account for different flow setups, but they all offer generally the same end goal. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages as well, so you need to make sure you’re getting the right one for your unique situation.

Among the most popular types of flumes are the Parshall-designed options. There are additional styles available as well, such as the Palmer-Bowlus, H, Trapezoidal, and Cutthroat, among others. Make sure you aren’t simply looking for the appropriate style when searching for a new flume, as that’s just the beginning of the search.

Quality Control

To ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve out of your next flume, your best bet is to deal directly with a flume manufacturer. Flume resellers only offer already-made products that can’t be changed, and they can’t help you customize your flume to meet a unique specification. That means you’ll be stuck choosing from whatever they happen to have on hand.

Quality control goes beyond simply lacking inventory when buying from a reseller. Having an extensive selection is only possible for a manufacturer. Only a couple thousand or so flumes are created each year, so you’ll never have a decent array to choose from when buying from a reseller. Meanwhile, if it’s not already in inventory, a manufacturer can just create the perfect flume for your situation. 

Technical Knowledge

A flume reseller typically has only a basic knowledge of flumes and how they work — they have to in order to inspect the ones they have for quality assurance. Unfortunately, that basic knowledge can’t compare to the technical knowledge that a manufacturer would have. By knowing both the product and the process inside out, you can always count on a high-end flume coming your way from a manufacturer, rather than one with a problem that could be missed in a substandard inspection by a reseller.

The technical knowledge of a manufacturer is also helpful if you’re looking for a more customized flume. Given access to quality materials and processes, getting a custom flume is not only possible, but it can be held to a higher standard, ensuring reliable function and longevity. In fact, you can’t even verify the materials and processes used when buying from a reseller in most cases.

Finding a Top Flume Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a flume manufacturer that can take care of all your flow monitoring needs, Tracom is happy to help. We offer flumes of various designs that can be entirely customized to fit your unique specifications. Contact us today to take the first step toward getting the perfect flume.