How to Monitor Industrial Flow

In a water treatment operation, there is no more important team member than an operator. Your operator will take the flow measurements that your system depends on, making your operator a vital part of your long-term success. However, because operators have many different responsibilities, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to take their readings, particularly if they’re measuring industrial flow.

While there are a variety of useful tools for measuring industrial flow, perhaps the most useful is a sampling station. Learn why your water management system may need a sampling station and discover how you can purchase high-quality fiberglass flow measurement products.

Parts of a Sampling Station

If you’ve never worked in a large, industrial water treatment operation before, then you may not have encountered a sampling station, which means you might not know what parts are included in a sampling station and why they are important. Familiarizing yourself with the parts of a sampling station will help you decide if this tool is right for your flow measurement needs.

Typically, a sampling station is comprised of two important pieces of equipment. The first is a fiberglass equipment shelter, which houses tools like your sampler and flow meter. The second, and most important, part of your sampling station is a packaged metering manhole, which allows your operator to take flow measurements.

The benefit of a packaged metering manhole is that it provides all the tools your operator needs in one convenient location. Inside a packaged metering manhole, you will find some sort of flow measurement device, usually a flume or a weir. Additionally, these manholes are water tight, lessening the risk of outside factors influencing your readings.

A fiberglass equipment shelter serves a variety of purposes. Primarily, it is used to house your flow meter and sampler in the same location as your flow measurement tool. Another use for fiberglass shelters as part of a sampling station is to protect your equipment. This is particularly important if your operation is primarily outdoors.

Do You Need a Sampling Station?

Now that you know the ins and outs of sampling stations, you might be wondering if installing this tool is the right choice for your industrial flow measuring operations. The main factor to consider when trying to decide if you need a sampling station is the distance between your flow measurement tool and your metering/sampling tools. If your operator is constantly running back and forth between these two locations, it can impact the accuracy of their readings.

While installing a sampling station may not be the right decision for a smaller operation, it’s a great solution for industrial operations. Sampling stations provide your operators a more convenient solution for taking flow readings, increasing their success.

Install a Sampling Station

If you’re interested in installing a sampling station in your operation, you want to make sure you’re getting your equipment from a dependable source. Get all the parts you need for a successful sampling station by partnering with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom produces everything you need to install a sampling station, including fiberglass equipment shelters. Get a quote from use today and improve the accuracy of your industrial flow measurements.