Why You May Need an Energy Absorbing Device

When you work in an operation that needs to measure and manage flow, such as a wastewater treatment plant, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered, including the velocity of the flow in your system.

In order to take accurate readings, the flow approaching your primary device needs a uniform velocity, meaning it is free from turbulence and not overly energetic. If the flow in your system is too energetic, then you may need to install a device to absorb this excess energy to create a uniform velocity profile. Find out why you may need an energy absorbing device in your flow management operation and discover which tools can help you smooth out approach velocity.

Facts About Approach Velocity

Ideally, the flow in your system will possess a subcritical approach velocity that will allow you to take accurate readings. Unfortunately, there are several factors that result in excessive approach velocity, limiting the success of your business. For instance, if your flow is pumped or if the slope of the pipe leading into your measuring device is too steep, it can result in a supercritical approach velocity that will interfere with your readings.

Luckily, to achieve a subcritical approach velocity, you only need to add an energy absorbing device to your system.

Energy Absorbing Manhole

One of the most useful tools for promoting a subcritical approach velocity is an energy absorbing manhole. As you might expect, an energy absorbing manhole can condition your flow by removing excess energy, helping to create the proper velocity profile.

Inside of these manholes, you will find an energy absorbing. When the flow in your system encounters this plate, the excess energy is absorbed, resulting in a greatly decreased velocity. After the flow has been conditioned, wing walls guide the flow out of the manhole and into the flume. Generally, your energy absorbing manhole will be installed upstream of your flume to allow for optimal flow conditioning.

Weir Box with Baffle Plate

If you’re interested in incorporating your energy absorber into your primary flow management device, then you should consider installing a weir box in your system. Typically, a weir box will come equipped with a baffle plate, a device that can effectively condition your flow.

For instance, if the flow in your system features a large amount of surface turbulence, an underflow baffle plate can force the turbulent flow under the plate, remove the excess energy, and then direct the flow to your primary device. A weir box with a baffle plate is your all-in-one solution for conditioning and measuring the flow in your system.

Purchase Your Energy Absorbing Device

Clearly, there are several devices you could choose to condition the flow in your system to create a subcritical approach velocity that will allow you to record accurate measurements. If you’re ready to add an energy absorbing device to your operation, your best option is shopping with Tracom, FRP.

In our inventory, you’ll find fiberglass weir boxes that are perfect for conditioning and measuring your flow, leading to a greater overall rate of success. Request a weir box quote today and get more information about the Tracom product catalog.