Fiberglass Manhole Maintenance

A fiberglass manhole can be a big investment, and if you’ve recently installed one of these manholes in your flow management operation, you want to be sure that your device lasts as long as possible. Fortunately, keeping your manhole in tiptop shape isn’t as difficult as you might believe, especially if you follow the right advice. Here are a few tips for fiberglass manhole maintenance you should keep in mind if you want to protect this valuable device as fully as possible.

Inspect the Manhole Cover

Fiberglass manholes are extremely durable, so the majority of your maintenance tasks will be focused on inspecting the different pieces of your manhole to make sure they’re functioning properly. To start with, you need to regularly inspect the cover of your manhole.

First, the cover should be secure on the top of the manhole so that it will stay in place. Second, test to see if the manhole can easily be removed and re-attached so that you can access the interior of the manhole whenever you need. Finally, make sure there’s a sign posted on the manhole warning of the confined space and the difficulties of entry.

Make Sure the Ladder Is in Good Condition

Your operators will need to regularly go up and down the ladder in your manhole to access your flow management device. To make sure that they are safe, you should frequently check the ladder to guarantee that it is in good shape.

Start by checking every rung of your ladder. The rungs should be firmly attached to the ladder and they should be free from damage such as corrosion or rusting. You should also make sure that the nonslip surface of the ladder is in good condition.

Next, inspect the brackets attaching the ladder to the manhole for signs of damage. If a bracket is corroded, rusted or has come loose, you should install new brackets to make sure the ladder will stay secure.

Lastly, you may need to regularly clean the rungs of your ladder depending on the application. Use a gentle detergent to clean the rungs so that there’s nothing that could impact operator safety.

Examine Any Accessories

Inspecting any accessories you’ve installed is the last step of fiberglass manhole maintenance. For example, you should check the condition of any electrical equipment to your manhole to make sure everything is working correctly, including fans and lights.

If you have ventilation piping, check the piping for any obstructions and remove them as necessary. Finally, if you have installed benching in your manhole, clean the bench regularly to prevent debris from building up.

Purchase a Fiberglass Manhole

As you can see, fiberglass manhole maintenance isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, especially if you have a high-quality device. If you’re in need of a fiberglass manhole for your flow management operation, shopping with Tracom, FRP is a great choice.

Tracom is your No. 1 resource for fiberglass flow management products, and in addition to manholes, we offer primary devices such as flumes and weirs. Request a quote from us today so that you can install a dependable manhole in your system.