Learn About Weir Baffle Plate Uses

If you’re looking for one of the most versatile, effective flow measurement tools in existence, there is no better option than a weir box. Weir boxes incorporate thin plate weirs and allow you to measure a wide variety of flows, increasing the success rate of your water management operation.

While trying to decide whether a weir box is the right choice for your water management system, you may have come across the term ‘baffle plate’, which might leave you wondering what a baffle plate is. Read about the uses of weir baffle plates and find out how you can purchase and install this important tool in your water management system.

What is a Weir Baffle Plate?

A weir baffle plate, also commonly caused a surge plate, is a tool that is installed in some weir boxes in order to more effectively control turbulent flow. When a weir box fails to include a weir baffle plate, it is usually in an effort to reduce installation costs and to save space. However, this can result in very serious consequences that influence the success of your operation.

For example, the only time a baffle plate is not needed is when your system possesses a long approach channel and low flow velocity. Since this is not common, it’s always a good idea to have your weir boxes installed with a weir baffle plate.

Uses of a Weir Baffle Plate

The primary purpose of a weir baffle plate is to mitigate the problems caused by surface turbulence. When the surface of your flow experiences a high level of turbulence, it can result in inconsistent flow measurements, and a reduction in the success rate of your water management operation.

Most weir boxes that include a baffle plate will use an underflow baffle plate. This tool forces flow to move under the plate, which removes turbulence from the surface of your flow. In addition, choosing an underflow baffle plate can eliminate the risk of surface foam, which is of particular importance in systems that use ultrasonic flow meters.

Additional Benefits

In addition to their ability to reduce surface turbulence and eliminate surface foam, using a weir baffle plate can provide your water management system with many other exciting benefits. For example, if your flow is piped into a weir pool, a baffle plate can help to normalize your velocity profile so that your operators are able to take more accurate readings.

Baffles also be useful in operations that measure dam seepage. In these systems, the baffle plate can be used to capture solid sediment so that it can be tested to ensure the health of the dam.

Install a Weir Baffle Plate

Even if you’ve never used a baffle plate in your system before, it’s easy to see the numerous advantages you can receive by installing this tool. If you’re interested in installing a weir box equipped with a weir baffle plate, your best solution is to shop with Tracom, FRP.

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