What you Need to Know About H-Flume Drop Boxes

An H-flume is one of the most dependable flow management devices that you could ask for. Not only is this flume low maintenance due to its to self-cleaning properties, but it is also especially adept at measuring low flows and offers a variety of convenient configurations.

The only problem with H-flumes is that they have no resistance to submergence, which means that when installing one of these flumes, you’ll need a solution for piping away the flow from the discharge section. Fortunately, with a drop box, you can easily protect your H-flume from submergence and guarantee accurate readings. Here’s everything that you need to know about H-flume drop boxes before you begin the installation of your new flume. 

What Is a Drop Box?

A drop box is perhaps one of the most useful accessories that you could add to your H-flume. Instead of allowing free-spilling discharge, which leaves the possibility of splashback into your flume, the drop box captures the flow as it exits the discharge section of your flume. 

Once the flow has entered the drop box, it will transition away from the flume, usually through an attached pipe. By using a drop box, you can prevent the flow in your system from backing up or splashing back into your H-flume, which can eventually cause submergence. 

Sizing Your Drop Box

Now that you know the purpose of H-flume drop boxes, we can talk about how to properly size your box so that you get the most utility possible. In terms of sizing your drop box, the most important factor is making sure that there is enough depth so that the flow cannot build up in the box and submerge the discharge section of your flume. 

The box needs to be tall enough that flow can spill from your flume into your box and then transition through the piped connection without the possibility of submergence. In addition, you need to make sure that the box is a sufficient length so that the flow cannot hit the wall closest to the flume and splash back.

Where Can You Use a Drop Box?

As mentioned, H-flumes offer a variety of configurations, which means they can be installed in almost any flow management application imaginable. Fortunately, regardless of how your flume is configured, you should be able to incorporate a drop box with ease.

Generally, you would find a drop box attached to a free-standing H-flume. You can also incorporate a drop box into a packaged metering manhole, meaning you can easily use your H-flume in industrial applications. Finally, you can attach a drop box to an H-flume that has been encased in concrete.

Purchase an H-flume

H-flume drop boxes are very reliable accessories that can help improve the accuracy of your H-flume. By protecting your flume from submergence, your drop box will allow your operators to take readings without needing to adjust their flow equations. If you’re in need of a new H-flume, you can find the device that meets your needs by shopping with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom offers a huge selection of products for open channel flow, including H-flumes, and we can help you find the tools that you need for long-term success. Contact us today to find the flume that will fit your system.