Which Flume is Best for Sewer Flows?

if you need to measure sewer flows, it’s likely that you’ll install a packaged metering manhole. However, if you want to get the most out of your manhole, it’s important that you equip it with the right flume.

There are a wide range of flumes that can be installed in a packaged metering manhole, some of which are perfect for managing sewer flows and some that simply aren’t suitable for this task, meaning you need to be very careful about the flume you are using. Here are a few tips to help you choose a flume for sewer flows that you can take accurate measurements that will help your operation succeed.

Parshall Flumes for Sewer Flow

The Parshall flume is the ideal tool for most flow management applications, and this includes measuring sewer flows. There are several reasons that the Parshall flume makes for the perfect sewer flow management option, including its wide throat that allows solids to easily pass through the flume.

Another benefit of using a Parshall flume for sewer flow is that they can easily be corrected for submergence, which can be an issue in sewer applications. It’s also likely that your operators are already familiar with the proper way to use Parshall flumes.

Trapezoidal Flumes

For many sewer flow management operations, particularly those where solids are a concern, the best flume to choose is the Trapezoidal flume. The unique shape of this flume is specifically designed to pass solids, which means you are unlikely to experience clogs when you install this flume in your system.

Trapezoidal flumes are also designed to handle a wide range of flow types and are particularly adept at managing low flows. This can be very beneficial in sewer operations where the flow rate isn’t consistent. Finally, trapezoidal flumes are available in multiple styles and sizes, meaning you can find an option that fits the needs of your operation.

Palmer-Bowlus: The Ideal Sewer Flume

When you’re looking for a flume for sewer flows, your best bet is choosing the flume that was specifically designed for this flow type: The Palmer-Bowlus flume.

Because Palmer-Bowlus flumes are available in several styles, you can install them in new applications or retrofit them into existing applications. These flumes also offer multiple points of measurement, meaning your operator can measure flow wherever it is most convenient. Palmer-Bowlus flumes are also self-cleaning in certain circumstance, reducing the amount of regular maintenance that your operators will need to perform.

For measuring sewer flows, there are few solutions better than installing the Palmer-Bowlus flume.

Purchase a Flume for Sewer Flows

Now that you know about a few of the flumes available for measuring sewer flows, you should be able to choose the primary device that’s right for your operation. If you need help choosing a flume for sewer flows, or if you’re ready to purchase a flume, then you should be sure to work with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom is a leading producer of fiberglass water management products, including multiple styles of flumes, and we would be glad to provide your operation with the tools it needs for long-term success. Contact Tracom today.