Benefits of Using Fiberglass in Wastewater Applications

While there are several materials that can be used for wastewater applications like flumes and weir boxes, nothing offers an array of benefits quite like fiberglass. Since their introduction over half a century ago, fiberglass reinforced plastics have substantially grown in popularity. Learn about the most important benefits of using fiberglass in wastewater applications.

Corrosion Resistance

When dealing with wastewater, corrosion is always a key factor. Whether it’s from chemicals or sheer wear and tear from debris, your wastewater system needs to be made from strong materials that can resist that kind of damage. Fiberglass materials are outfitted with gel coats that can prevent harmful chemicals from oxidizing and causing damage. Hydrogen sulfide is the primary culprit when it comes to corrosion, so you’ll need something to protect against it and other chemicals like chlorine.


There’s no question that wastewater application materials need to be strong. Fortunately, fiberglass is stronger than even steel in the lengthwise direction while weighing just a quarter of the weight in most cases. Its lightweight makeup also provides additional benefits like easier installation and lower shipping costs.


Considering that your need to measure flow rate won’t be going away any time soon, it’s always better to opt for a system that can last. When choosing a weir or flume made from fiberglass, longevity is a built-in feature no matter what style you get. Because their strength and resistance prevent the flow itself from causing significant damage, fiberglass wastewater systems require almost no maintenance. An occasional minimal wash and some UV-resistant coating are typically more than enough to keep the system in top shape for the foreseeable future.


Fiberglass is easily moldable into various shapes and sizes. No matter what the conditions are around your wastewater flow, you can be sure that there’s a fiberglass configuration available for your needs. Even the most complex shapes can be accomplished by building the product in pieces. Because of the nature of fiberglass, these pieces can be chemically bonded, resulting in a structure that’s just as seamless as one built as a single piece.


Achieving specific and precise dimensions is easy when you use fiberglass. Fiberglass structures are crafted from molds, and the mold itself can be designed by a computer with pinpoint accuracy. Using a mold, fiberglass can be constructed with exact measurements that are particularly useful for flumes and weir boxes, because even the slightest deviations can throw off flow measurement accuracy.

Find a Fiberglass Application From Tracom

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