Why Fiberglass is A Sustainable, Green and Sturdy Material

Every day, more companies involved in wastewater and water treatment are discovering the benefits of choosing fiberglass structures for their operations. From full shelters for equipment and workers to smaller shades to protect outdoor instruments and beyond, fiberglass provides outstanding protection for all of your business needs. 

There are plenty of reasons why companies choose this material over wood or other structures. Learn about the benefits of fiberglass as a building material, including why it is a great choice for companies looking to remain green and sustainable while also offering the best protection. 

Fiberglass as a Building Material

If you’re looking for a structure that is going to be built to last, it’s hard to beat fiberglass as a building material. It’s rigid enough that it requires no reinforcing materials. It creates a structure that will hold up against the harshest elements for many years. Whether you’re in an area with high winds, brutal sunlight, rainstorms or that suffers from pounding snow and ice, fiberglass is up to the job. It’s one of the strongest building materials on the market today. 

Green and Sustainable

Going green and being sustainable is a big deal in this day and age. We live in a world with increasing awareness of environmental issues, and more companies than ever are looking to improve our environment. In fact, that’s the very idea behind the water treatment and wastewater industry. 

The good news is, fiberglass is a green, sustainable material. It’s made from glass, which in turn is made from basic sand, which is entirely renewable and abundant. That makes fiberglass one of the most sustainable building materials on the market today. Even better, some fiberglass can be made from recycled glass, so it doesn’t always even need to use more sand to make! It also lasts for decades, which means it doesn’t need to be recycled or end up in landfills. 

A Fantastic Insulator

Fiberglass offers protection in more ways than just physical defense against rain, wind, snow and ice. It’s also a great insulator. That means it can be outstanding for providing temperature control as well. In fact, most fiberglass shelters can be offered with a wide variety of ventilation options. This means that not only will it protect against heat in the summer and cold in the winter, but you can also have your choice of options to increase the protection it offers even further. 

In fact, many fiberglass structures are incredibly energy efficient. Structures like manholes and flumes are energy-absorbing to help control the high velocity of underground wastewater flows. This means that fiberglass products are great options for reducing your carbon footprint overall. 

Buy Fiberglass Wastewater Structures Today

If you’re looking for the toughest, most energy-efficient and sustainable products for your water treatment and wastewater business, fiberglass as a building material is the answer. At Tracom, we offer a wide variety of fiberglass products for all aspects of the industry. These include shelters, panel and sunshades, control panel consoles, enclosures, flumes, manholes, weir boxes and more. Check out the products we offer and contact us today to get a quote or to place your order.   

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