Weir Box Functions

When you need to effectively manage and measure flow, there are a variety of tools that you could choose. While most people’s instinct is to choose some style of flume and equally great option is installing a weir box in your system.

Because they offer a variety of customization options, weir box can be built to fit your exact needs, which is important for most water management operations. However, since weir boxes are less well-known than other flow management devices, you might not know why this tool is such an excellent option for managing your flow. Here are a few simple facts to help you learn how a weir box works and advice for buying this device for your flow management needs.

Weir Box Sizing and Flow Condition

To function the way that you need, your weir box must be properly sized. If your box is sized incorrectly, it can negatively impact the accuracy of your readings and the success of your operation. You must be sure that the crest of your weir is the proper height above your weir box floor and that weir notch is placed correctly in the weir pool. You may need to adjust the position of your weir plate to accomplish these goals.

Some weir boxes will need a flow conditioning tool to address turbulent flow conditions. Fortunately, weir boxes can be equipped with an under or over flow baffle that will reduce flow turbulence.

Mounting the Weir Plate

The most important piece of equipment in a weir box is the weir plate. Generally, the weir plate will be installed on a bulkhead in the weir box, and can even be mounted at the end of the box if you’re attempting free spilling discharge. While many weir plates are made of stainless steel, you could also choose a fiberglass weir plate if you want increased durability.

Your weir plate can be constructed with a variety notch styles, including common options such as trapezoidal and v-shaped. Be careful, because the notch style that you choose will have a direct impact on the accuracy of your readings.

Flow Management

Another characteristic that makes weir boxes different from other flow management tools is that flow can enter and exit your weir box in multiple figurations. In some operations, for instance, the flow will rise into the weir box, and in other systems, a pipe will be connected to the weir box so that flow can enter. There are also multiple solutions for having flow exit your weir box, including free spilling discharge or having the flow piped out.

Purchase a Weir Box

Now that you know a little bit more about how a weir box works, you might be interested in installing this dependable flow management tool in your system. If so, then the best way to get the weir box that you need is shopping with Tracom, FRP.

At Tracom, our specialty is connecting our customers with top-notch fiberglass tools, including weir boxes. Whatever your needs in a weir box, you’ll find your perfect match in our catalog. Request a weir box quote today so that you can purchase your perfect flow management tool.