What are some Facts About Parshall Flumes and Free-Spilling Discharge?

If you’re interested in improving the success of your flow management operation, then you need to be sure you’re choosing the right tools. For many operations, this means using a Parshall flume. As one of the most versatile flow management tools in existence, the Parshall flume fits the needs of operations both large and small.

However, many people considering using a Parshall flume have one important question that must be answered: Is free-spilling discharge possible with a Parshall flume? Learn more about free-spilling discharge and Parshall flumes so that you can decide if this tool is right for your operation.

What is Free-Spilling Charge?

When examining the Parshall flume and its ability to handle free-spilling discharge, a good starting point is learning the basics about this flow measurement option. As you might have surmised, free-spilling discharge is when the flow in your system is free to spill off the end of your flow management device.

While free-spilling discharge is not the right option for every operation, it can provide very accurate readings when instituted correctly. Before you can take advantage of free-spilling discharge in your system, however, you need to purchase the right tools, which is where the Parshall flume comes into play.

Uses of a Parshall Flume

When it was originally designed, the Parshall flume was intended for managing flow in irrigation operations. However, since that time, the Parshall flume has proved itself to be one of the most flexible flow devices in the world, and is even capable of handling free-spilling discharge.

The Parshall flume is so effective, in fact, that a version of this flume, the Montana flume, has been created specifically for the purpose of managing free-spilling discharge. The only difference between the two flumes is the flow equations that your operators will use.

Advantages of Parshall Flume for Free-Spilling Discharge

If you’re interested in using free-spilling discharge in your operation, there are several advantages to a Parshall flume or a Montana flume, the smaller variant.

The biggest benefit to these devices is that their ubiquity means that almost every operator is familiar with them and knows how to use them correctly. This should increase the overall accuracy of your readings and the long-term success of your operations.

The second advantage of using these flumes is the cost. For instance, if you choose a Montana flume, the space you will need for a successful installation will be greatly reduced, limiting your installation costs by a substantial degree.

Clearly, if you want the most advantages possible when using free-spilling discharge, you need to make sure your primary device is a Parshall Flume.

Purchase Your Parshall Flume

When looking for the right device to help you measure free-spilling discharge, a Parshall flume is your top option. Purchase the Parshall flume that your operation needs today by browsing the expansive catalogue of Tracom, FRP.

At Tracom, our primary focus is on providing customers like you with a great selection of fiberglass flow management tools, including Parshall flumes that are perfect for free-spilling discharge. Request a quote from us today so that we can show you some of the best products in our inventory.