Facts About Nested Flumes

When you need to accurately measure flow in your operation, the best tool that you can choose is a flume. However, there are certain situations where a single flume won’t suffice, such as when you need to measure a range of flows. Fortunately, if you want to measure different flow ranges using flumes, you have the option of using nested, or dual range flumes.

Nested flumes are a versatile solution for measuring multiple flow ranges, and can be employed in a variety of ways. Learn more about nested flumes, and find out how you can install this flow measuring tool in your water management system.

What Are Nested Flumes?

If you’re interested in using nested flumes in your system, then it’s a good idea to learn more about these flumes and how they’re used. The easiest way to understand nested flumes is to think of them as a combination of a small flume and a large flume. As you might expect, the smaller flume is placed inside the larger flume, allowing them to effectively measure different flow ranges.

Nested flumes can be used to measure different types of flow. For example, nested flumes can be used to measure high to low flows, low to high flows and seasonal flows in outdoor applications. When you need to measure multiple flow ranges, your best solution is a nested flume.

Types of Nested Flumes

Now that you know more about nested flumes and how they work, you need to learn which types of flumes can be nested. Fortunately, multiple styles of flumes can be nested, including some of the most popular flume options. Parshall flumes are the most common type of nested flume. However, Cutthroat flumes and Montana flumes can also be nested.

Interestingly, the smaller interior flume does not have to be the same style as the exterior flume. For example, HS/H flumes and Trapezoidal flumes can both be used as interior flumes even though they aren’t suitable for the exterior flume.

Construction Styles

Once you’ve chosen the type of flume that you wish to be nested, you need to decide how it will be installed. Nested flumes can be installed using several different methods depending on the needs of your system.


Nested flumes meant to measure low to high flows are usually factory installed, as they are temporary. If you need to measure high to low flows, you will need a permanent field installation. Finally, for measuring seasonal flows, you will likely choose a removable installation so that your nested flume can be reinstalled whenever you need to measure different flow ranges.

Consider how you will use your nested flume and you’ll easily be able to choose your correct installation type.

Install Nested Flumes

For operations that need to measure dual flow ranges, there is no better tool than a nested flume. If you’re interested in installing nested flumes in your system, then you need to get them from the right source, which is why you should shop with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom’s specialty is offering high-quality fiberglass flumes that are perfect for nesting. When you browse the Tracom catalogue, you’ll easily be able to find the tools that your system needs for long-term success. Request a quote from Tracom today.