What are Some Flume Installation Mistakes?

Installing a flume can be a very delicate process, requiring a great deal of planning and close attention to detail. When you install your flume, there are several big mistakes you need to avoid, including making sure your flume is properly positioned at the channel and that your flume has a uniform velocity.

However, focusing on these big mistakes can cause you to miss smaller issues that can cause just as many problems in the long term. If you want to make sure you’re getting the most utility possible out of your flume, it’s a good idea to learn about these small mistakes that can turn into big problems. Here are some minor flume installation errors that you should be sure to avoid so that your flume functions the way that you want and need.

Don’t Do Things Backwards

One of the most easily avoidable yet surprisingly common flume installation errors is placing your flume in the channel backwards. With some flumes, such as Montana flumes, it’s easy to tell which way your flume should be oriented. Flat bottom flumes, however, can look very similar when placed forward or backward, meaning you may install your flume in the wrong direction.

During your flume installation, be very careful not to install your flume backward. If your flume isn’t oriented properly, you will likely see inaccurate flow readings.

Installing at the Wrong Elevation

Another common error during flume installation is not leveling the flume properly. If a flume isn’t installed at the right level, it may not be able to capture all the flow, and the velocity of the flow can also be impacted.

When you’re installing your flume, you need to be certain that the floor of your flume is level with either the installation channel or the pipe containing the flow. Failing to level your flume properly will make it virtually impossible to take the measurements that you need.

Choosing the Wrong Flow Meter Location

The entire purpose of installing a flume is to be able to easily measure flow, and to take these measurements, most operations choose to install a flow meter. Choosing the wrong location for the flow meter, however, can result in much different readings than you might be expecting.

In almost every style of flume, the area upstream of the throat is the correct location for the flow meter. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly install the flow meter directly above the flume throat, which will result in inaccurate readings. When installing your flow meter, make sure you’re choosing the right location to preserve the accuracy of your measurements.

Avoid Flume Installation Errors

The key to getting the most out of your flume is by avoiding these common flume installation errors. As long as you’re very careful when installing your flume, you should be able to get the utility you need out of this device. If you need to purchase a flume, then your most reliable resource is Tracom, FRP.

Tracom is excited to offer our customers a wide array of fiberglass flumes that will fit almost every flow management need. Contact us today, and we can tell you more about each of our flumes, so you can make the best choice.