Differences in the H Flume Series

If you need to measure and manage flow easily and accurately, installing an H flume can be an excellent choice. For those who aren’t familiar with these flumes, however, choosing the right style can be difficult.

The H series of flumes comes in three different varieties — the H flume, the HS flume, and the HL flume — all of which have their distinctive benefits and uses. Here is some information about the H flume series, including the differences between these flumes, that should help you choose the right device for your system.

Measuring Different Flow Rates

One of the most important things to understand about the different types of H flumes is that each flume is designed specifically to handle a certain flow rate. If you choose the wrong type of flume for the flow in your system, then it will be nearly impossible for you to take accurate readings.

If the flow in your system is consistently low, the HS flume is the best choice. The ‘S’ in HS stands for small, and because these flumes are narrower they are better at handling low flows. The HL flume, as you may be able to tell, is the largest of the three flumes. It has the widest throat in the H flume series and is perfect for systems where high flows are the norm. The standard H flume splits the difference between the HS and HL flume. The width of this flume is average, and it can handle medium flow rates.

Advantages of H/HS/HL Flumes

Now that you know how the different styles of the H flume differ, it’s time to take a look at some of the benefits of choosing one of these flumes for your system. The best reason to install an H flume is that you want a primary device that’s resistant to blockages.

All three of these flumes comes with a flat floor, which means they are self-cleaning and can pass solid waste a lot more easily than other flumes. Installation of these flumes is also very easy. So, if you need to measure flow but don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to installation, an H flume is a great choice.

Where Can You Install an H Flume?

The H flume series is extremely versatile and can be installed in any number of applications. You can frequently find H, HS, or HL flumes in settings where measuring flow outdoors is necessary.

Because these flumes pass solids with ease, they are ideal for measuring stormwater runoff. You can also use H flumes to measure runoff at the edge of fields, spring discharge, watersheds, and even certain industrial flows.

Purchase an H Flume

As you can see, the H flume series is very dependable and can measure almost every type of flow that you need. If you’re ready to purchase one of these flumes, Tracom, FRP can help you. We offer H, HL, and HS flumes made from durable fiberglass, meaning you can trust that your flume will function the way you need for years to come. Request a quote from Tracom today so that you can purchase your H series flume.

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