Weir Cleaning For Most Accurate Flow Readings

In many flow management applications, a weir is the ideal primary device. Extremely accurate in a variety of situations, a weir that is properly installed and used correctly can be the foundation of your operation’s success. However, if you’re unfamiliar with weirs and how the function, then you may not understand the correct method for taking readings from these devices.

Before you install a weir in your system, it’s important to learn how to correctly read your weir so that you can be sure your measurements are as accurate as possible. Here are a few tips for reading a weir that you can use to make sure you fully take advantage of the benefits of this flow management device.

Common Measurement Mistakes

One of the main reasons people make mistakes when reading a weir is assuming that you take measurements from these devices in the same way you would a flume. While this does make a certain amount of sense, it simply isn’t the case, and reading a weir as you would a flume will lead to inaccurate measurements.

With a flume, you would take your measurement from the flume’s body, meaning directly from the device. Weirs are different in that you will actually take your measurement upstream of the device.

Taking measurements from the wrong location will reduce the effectiveness of your weir and of your operation.

Picking Your Measurement Point

When you’re reading your weir, you need to make sure that you’re measuring upstream of the weir crest at the weir pool. The reason you must take your readings away from the weir is that the surface of your flow will be drawn downward when it passes over the weir crest, which can interfere with your readings.

You will need to be between three and five times the distance of the maximum head from your weir crest if you want to be able to take accurate readings from your weir.

Developing Your Weir Pool

The key to making the most of your weir is properly developing your weir pool, which can be much more difficult than many people anticipate.

Proper development of a weir pool requires that you determine what your maximum head will be, and then install your weir crest two times the head above your channel floor. Installing your weir crest at this height should allow you to take consistently accurate readings from your weir pool.

If you’re having trouble developing your weir pool, it’s best to get help from a professional.

Shopping for Weirs

If you keep this information in mind, you should have no trouble reading a weir, and will be able to take the accurate measurements that you need. To make sure that your operation always has the right tools for every job, you only need to browse the product catalog of Tracom, FRP.

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