Choosing a Parshall Flume Installation Site

Out of all the flow management tools available to water management operations, the best choice is a Parshall flume. The most popular flume type in the world, the Parshall flume offers everything that your operation needs for success, including flexibility and accuracy.

However, before you can start taking advantage of the high-quality Parshall flume, there are several decisions that need to be made, including where you will install your flume. Here are a few easy tips for choosing a Parshall flume installation site and advice for purchasing fiberglass water management tools.

Examining Channel Location

The very first, and some would say most important, step in choosing a site to install your Parshall flume is considering the channel. For instance, if you are planning to install your Parshall flume in an earthen channel, there are several calculations that will need to be made, including the width of your flume.

With an earthen channel installation, your flume will need to be between one-third and one-half of the width of the channel. This range will help you accommodate most flows and will also help control the costs of your flume installation. While it’s possible to install multiple Parshall flume sizes in order to handle a wide range of flow rates, the more cost-effective solution is to install a single large Parshall flume.

Check Your Channel Condition

After you’ve examined the location of your channel and determined the right Parshall flume width, you will need to check the condition of the channel. Your channel’s condition will directly impact the flow in your system and the effectiveness of your Parshall flume.

The flow at the point in your channel where you plan to install your flume needs to be completely free from turbulence and needs to possess a quality velocity pattern. In addition, the flow should be balanced and have no visible surging. Should the flow at your installation point possess any of these negative characteristics, you will either need to choose a new installation location or make corrections.

Flume Elevation

As part of its design, a Parshall flume will need a drop in elevation to work correctly. However, certain installation sites are unable to accommodate this drop, which means you will instead need to elevate your Parshall flume above the channel floor.

If you need to elevate your flume, you will need to make sure that your installation channel can handle the increased depth. If the channel walls are too low, you may need to choose a larger flume size. Also, when you elevate your flume, you increase the chances of submergence. Be very cautious when elevating your flume to ensure the success of your system.

Choose a Parshall Flume Installation Site

Clearly, choosing a location to install your Parshall flume is a very delicate process, requiring a close attention to detail and the right tools. Purchase the tools you need to choose a Parshall flume installation site by shopping with Tracom, FRP.

With Tracom, you can find a great selection of fiberglass water management products, including everything you need to quickly and easily install your Parshall flume. Request a quote from Tracom today.

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