How to Choose H-Flumes for Storm Flow Measurements

One of the most difficult tasks in the water management industry is successfully monitoring storm water flows. Because of varying flow rate and the difficulties of working with a natural channel, successfully managing storm flows requires possessing the right flumes, which is why many operators across the country choose to trust their management and measurement needs to H-flumes.

Possibly the most versatile flumes types on the market, H-flumes are the ideal choice to measure your storm water flows so that you have the operational results you need. Read about using H-flumes in storm flow measurements and find out the requirements for installing these tools in your natural water management system.

Where Can You Mount Your Flume?

With natural water channels, such as those you might experience while measuring storm flow, installing flumes can be difficult as these channels have non-standard sizes. Fortunately, when you choose H-flumes for your storm water measurement applications, you’ll be getting a quick, simple installation that will allow you to start using this tool right away.

Unlike other flumes that you could choose for your storm water flow measurement needs, H-flumes can be installed in different locations to fit the needs of your system. Most commonly, an H-flume will be installed in an existing channel or at the end of a discharge pipe.


The Advantages of Measuring Storm Flow with H-Flumes

If you’re considering using H-flumes for stormwater management, it can be a good idea to learn why this measurement tool is the right option.

For starters, because of its unique shape, an H-flume is able to measure high and low flows, as well as everything in between, which is a must in storm water management. Secondly, because storm water often has sediment and debris, the H-flume is a superior choice thanks to its flat bottom that allows easy passage of solids. Finally, the v-notch at the end of an H-flume provides for extremely accurate measurements.

In virtually every category that matters for stormwater management, an H-flume delivers the utility that you deserve.


Requirements You Need to Know

As with any important product decision, you should also learn about some of the obstacles that can come from using an H-flume, although they are few and far between.

The primary difficulty in using an H-flume is that it will almost always need free spilling discharge due its vulnerability to conditions downstream. While this may be less of a concern when measuring storm water, it’s still worth considering. Additionally, depending on downstream conditions, submergence can be an issue with H-flumes, especially if the installation height is too low. However, despite these issues, using an H-flume to measure your storm water flow is still a great choice.


Get the Right Tools for Your Operation

H-flumes, whether you plan on using them for storm water management or any other measurement application, make a terrific choice because of their accuracy and installation versatility. If you would like to install H-flumes in your system, then you need to purchase them from a trusted manufacturer like Tracom, FRP.

The team at Tracom is proud to produce a wide variety of fiberglass flumes, including H-flumes, and we can help you find the tools your operation needs for success. Request a quote today and be sure to take a look at our excellent product catalog.