Benefits of Using a Parshall Flume

Several flume designs are available that you can implement into your flow channel for measuring purposes. While certain flume shapes and designs are only applicable under some conditions, the Parshall flume is consistently among the most popular in a variety of scenarios, from dam seepage and municipal sewage to irrigation and agricultural flows. Learn all about the benefits of using a Parshall flume.


Parshall flumes implement a relatively simple design, and that makes it easy to integrate them in a wide variety of flow-channel sizes. You’ll find some Parshall flumes that measure just an inch and others that are as long as 50 feet. This is because there’s just a single point of measurement, and there are several modifications available. These modifications include the Montana configuration, in which the throat and discharge sections are removed, and the USGS portable Parshall configuration, in which just the discharge section is removed.
As if their varied sizes and setups weren’t enough, Parshall flumes can be equipped with add-ons and accessories that increase their compatibility with a variety of different flow-channel applications. For example, you can equip a Parshall flume with end adapters when installing it within a piped flow channel. Additionally, you can shorten and extend the sidewalls when designing the best-fitting flume for your flow channel to account for unique conditions.
Application Above and Below Grade
Parshall flumes are applicable whether your flow is above grade or below grade. This is thanks to the availability of flume enclosures and flume stands. Additionally, end adapters can make flumes compatible with below-grade vaults and manholes, while packaged metering manholes often have Parshall flumes factory-integrated for your convenience.


There is no flume style more popular in North America than the Parshall flume. The Parshall flume has been used for nearly a century, and with all that time comes extensive research and experience. The research brings peace of mind when applying a Parshall flume to a variety of flow-channel conditions, and it makes it easy to operate and perform maintenance, as all the necessary knowledge is readily available. In fact, there are national and international dimensional and operational standards set for the Parshall flume.


Flow-channel conditions can change for a variety of reasons, but flumes still have certain requirements to make accurate measurements. With all the research behind Parshall flumes, however, it’s easy to make changes to account for those altered conditions. Imagine if your Parshall flume gets submerged, for example. There are steps you can take to account for that submergence and still obtain accurate flow measurements. Additionally, you can alter the equations to account for settled and non-level installations.

Parshall Flumes at Tracom

If you’re looking for a Parshall flume of your own, Tracom is happy to help. Our fiberglass flumes are state of the art and can be customized to account for your unique flow-channel requirements. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using a Parshall flume and how you can get one yourself.

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