Weir Box Clean-Out Accessory

For water management systems that use natural channels, there is no more useful tool than a fiberglass weir. Weirs provide some of the most accurate measurements that you could hope for, providing your operation with the consistent level of success that you are looking for.

However, if you want to get the most utility possible out of the weirs in your system, then you need to pick the right accessories, and perhaps the most useful weir accessory you could choose is a clean-out. Learn the reasons you need to choose a weir clean-out and how these tools can improve the functionality of your water management system.

Why Clean-Outs Are Important

The main reason that you would pair your weir with a clean-out is because of necessary regular maintenance. Although weirs are extremely durable, they will need maintenance from time to time, including cleaning and repairing the crest. Installing a clean-out in your system makes it much easier to access your weir so that your operators can perform this necessary upkeep.

For example, if your weir is installed in a manufactured channel or in a weir box, a clean-out will allow you to completely drain your weir pool. On the other hand, if your system uses a natural channel, installing a clean-out provides you the ability to lower your system’s water level below the weir crest for easier cleaning. As you can see, clean-outs provide a high degree of utility and versatility.


Tips for Sizing Your Clean-Out

If you’ve never used a clean-out before, then you might not be aware that these tools need to be sized specifically for the needs of your water management system. Clean-outs, unlike other water management tools, are not one size fits all, and there are certain things you need to take into consideration when choosing this accessory.

If your system deals with solid waste and debris, for instance, you need to make sure that your clean-out is large enough to accommodate these solid substances without becoming clogged. Also, if you want your clean-out to drain your weir pool, you need to size it so that the draining process does not take too long. Otherwise, you won’t be getting the utility you need out of this product.


Positioning Your Clean-Out

Besides correctly sizing your clean-out, the other key in receiving the performance level that you need is to pick the right location for this weir accessory.

First, if you will be using your clean-out for weir pool drainage, it needs to be low enough so that the pool is able to drain completely. Secondly, your clean-out should be in the direction of the bulkhead in your system. Finally, if your water system is industrial, your clean-out may require connection to a secondary drainage pipe.


Install a Weir Clean-Out in Your System

When you pair your weir with a clean-out, you’ll be getting easy maintenance and a highly functioning water management system. Shop for a weir clean-out or other water tools today by browsing the excellent catalog of Tracom, FRP.

Tracom produces durable, effective fiberglass water management products and we can outfit your system for an amazing level of success. Request a quote today and learn more about our exciting products.