Slowing Turbulent Water Flows

energy absorbing manhole

If your water management system depends on flow measuring flumes, you have several factors to consider to make sure you’re getting the accurate readings that you need. However, the most important factor to take into account is the velocity of the flow approaching your flume. Flumes cannot operate correctly unless the flow is subcritical. If flow is too energetic or poorly developed, your operators won’t be able to take consistently accurate measurements.

When it’s necessary to reduce the velocity of your flow before it reaches your flume, there are several tools you could choose, but none is more effective than an energy absorbing manhole. Here are a few facts about energy absorbing manholes that you need to consider when your operation is experiencing turbulent flows.

Energy Absorbing Manhole Operation

If you’re not familiar with energy absorbers, then you might not know how energy absorbing manholes work. Learning more about the functionality of these tools is a good starting point when you’re considering installing an energy absorbing manhole in your water management system.

Inside an energy absorbing manhole is something known as a dissipating baffle. The baffle works to slow down the energetic flow and absorb its energy. Once the flow passes around the bathroom, it will be more consistent and its energy will be reduced, after which it will pass out of the energy absorbing manhole and into your flume. By installing an energy absorbing manhole, you’ll be able to slow your flow before it enters your flume.

Where to Install Your Manhole

Once you’ve learned more about how an energy absorbing manhole is used, it’s common to wonder where this tool will be installed in your water management system. Typically, your energy absorbing manhole will be installed upstream from a packaged metering manhole, which will contain your flow measurement device. There are several reasons for this install location.

First, installing your energy absorbing manhole in the same location as your metering manhole reduces the labor required for the task. Secondly, positioning your energy absorber near your flow measurement device makes it much easier for you to control the energy of your flow, improving the accuracy of your readings and leading to more consistent success.

While it’s the best solution, installing an energy absorbing manhole in conjunction with a packaged metering manhole is not a strict requirement. However, by combining these tools, you will be increasing the versatility and consistency of your flow measurement operation.

Purchase Energy Absorbing Manholes

Although it’s not a concern for every water management operation, energetic and poorly developed flows can pose a big problem. If your flume doesn’t receive subcritical flows, your operators won’t be able to take the accurate readings that your system needs. Fortunately, when you experience turbulent flows, you have the option of installing energy absorbing manholes.

To get the energy absorbing manholes and other flow management tools that you need, you should consider shopping with Tracom, FRP. At Tracom, we understand the needs of water management systems and our focus is on providing the fiberglass tools that they need for success. Whether you need an energy absorber or a different type of manhole, Tracom is your best resource.

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