Tips for Parshall Flume Site Selection

parshall flumes

To get the most out of your measurement efforts, you’ll need to determine the best spot to actually place your flume. Site selection is one of the most important aspects of the installation process, so it’s absolutely essential you make sure you have the appropriate site picked out that fits well with the size of your flume. Learn the best tips for Parshall flume site selection.

Find the Right Flume Size

The size of the flume you need depends on the details about the location in question. If you’re looking to install in an earthen channel, for example, you’ll need to ensure your Parshall flume is about a third to half of the width of the channel’s water surface under normal flow conditions. When you sort it like that, general anticipated flow conditions are accounted for, and you minimize installation and construction costs. You can additionally save by opting for smaller fiberglass flumes with longer wing walls rather than the reverse.

Find a Tranquil Approach

One of the most important factors for any Parshall flume is the approach condition. When you’re looking for the perfect site, you should be sure you’re opting for a site that doesn’t have any surging, turbulence, or a poor velocity pattern in general under normal conditions. To accomplish this, it’s best to set your flume a good distance away from any bends and dips in the channel to give the flow time to even out.

Consider the Distance Between Pipes and the Flume

If you have to install a flume in a piped system accessible via manhole, it’s absolutely essential that you make sure the flume and the inlet pipe are far enough away from each other to function properly. The flume still needs those good approach conditions for accurate measurements, and mismatched pipe to flume orientations can compromise your measurements. For example, a pipe with a slope too high will throw off measurements by creating turbulence. Additionally, a pipe too far into the flume doesn’t allow for an even velocity profile on approach.

Don’t Forget Accessibility

When trying to create the perfect conditions, builders too often forget about accessibility. If you want your flume to be a worthwhile investment, you’ll need to be able to easily access it for measurements and maintenance when necessary. Apart from the flume, the site itself needs to be easily accessible. If you find yourself installing a flume in a remote area, try to pick a location along the channel that’s easily accessible by vehicle. Orienting the meter to receive a lot of natural lighting can be helpful as well down the line.

Parshall Flumes From Tracom

The best way to follow these tips for Parshall flume site selection is to work alongside Tracom. We can offer everything you need from sizing your flume appropriately to offering whatever kind of approach condition dampeners you may need if your selected site doesn’t quite meet all the requirements for optimal installation location. Contact us today to find the ultimate solution to your flow rate measurement needs.

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